Tips to Submit a Press Release that Reaches Out to Relevant Audiences

Your online existence needs to be supported by a variety of activities. If you submit a press release to highlight the important news about your company, your online visibility is sure to get a boost. Unless your news story is picked up and reported by the press, your efforts of submitting press releases will not bear fruit.

Emergence of newswires

The majority of business enterprises, academic institutions, and professionals leverage the services of news wires to distribute business press releases for desired coverage. This is the reason why press release distribution service providers are doing quick business. The most vital attribute of a successful PR distributor is its association with a plethora of reporters.

However, many journalists may not be easy to access due to their busy schedules. This can severely impact the ability of PR service providers to effectively spread news across different sections of audiences. Before you submit a press release to the newswire agency, you should assess its effectiveness from various perspectives.

Key points to consider

Unless you choose a valuable provider to submit a press release, it would not be possible to reach out to your audience. This calls for selecting a travel specific newswire to attract the attention of focused prospects. Reporters who cover news and events in the travel category would not be interested in wasting time on reading news about annual reports and investor relations.

Although the submission of travel and leisure related business press releases to free sites may appear a good idea, you should remember the oft repeated cliché of getting what one pays for. Great newswire agencies hardly ever offer free press release submission.

Role of journalists

Press release distribution service providers depend upon reporters who pick up the most compelling news reports for onward reporting. A generic newswire offers an ocean of reports and journalists working in specific domains, such as travel and leisure, are most unlikely to visit these sites.

This underlines the significance of choosing a dedicated press release service that distributes industry-specific press releases. There are press release service providers working in domains of technology, travel, healthcare, and so forth. You must choose your provider wisely for assured online visibility across relevant segments.

You need to understand some important issues such as frequency of using newswires by journalists and what makes reporters prefer a particular press release provider. It is recommended that in order to reduce submission of irrelevant news items to journalists who may not be interested, it would be better to develop one’s own database of media contacts.

Travel companies can deal with the most influential reporters directly whenever they want to submit a press release. It should be noted that more than fifty percent journalists access newswires only occasionally and some never use these services at all. 


Vertical specific newswire can be your best bet to submit a press release to target the travel industry. This will enhance the coverage of your news by the most relevant reporters who do not like to waste their precious time on generic press release services. This is applicable to journalists who are working as freelancers and are more interested in exclusive news reports than mass coverage of events.

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