How to Write a Perfect Press Release on Travel?

Hundreds and thousands of press releases are submitted every week by travel agents and travelling companies at affordable press release distribution sites. But not all of them are professionally written. That’s the reason why most travel agencies complain about not getting enough mileage from PRs. No agency will get the desired mileage until and unless … Continue reading

3 Sure-Shot Best Practices for Press Release Writing + Distribution

Press release and distribution may seem easy but in reality you have to follow certain steps to make them successful. Here are some of the sure-shot best practices that will make your PR successful. 3 Sure-Shot Best Practices for Press Release Writing & Distribution #1. Make the Headline Short, Effective, Newsworthy, and Self-Explanatory. A short, … Continue reading

How To Submit A Press Release Using The Right PR Distribution Agency for Your Travel Business

Are you running and managing a travel business? You are probably aware than most others that you are operating in an industry which is becoming increasingly competitive. It is becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd and drive customers to your business. Your only saving grace is to market your business … Continue reading