3 Sure-Shot Best Practices for Press Release Writing + Distribution

Press release and distribution may seem easy but in reality you have to follow certain steps to make them successful. Here are some of the sure-shot best practices that will make your PR successful.

3 Sure-Shot Best Practices for Press Release Writing & Distribution

#1. Make the Headline Short, Effective, Newsworthy, and Self-Explanatory.

A short, newsworthy, and effective press release is the first thing that can grab the eyeballs of your target audience and journalists. With this headline you can set the tone of the PR and also convey the entire message to the target audience. The headline must be less than 100 words. If you are looking for SEO benefits through Google ranking, make the headline fit within 65 characters. Make it stand out so that it gets noticed by journalists. The titles must have a lasting impression by packing a punch.

#2. Make the Point Clear.

When writing a press release for the best press release distribution sites, try answering the question: “Why should I care?” That’s exactly what journalists, influencers, and bloggers ask a PR writer when they get offers to share the news.

Use a sub-title so that the readers can get a quick idea of what is written in the PR. In fact, the first paragraph is very important in a press release, which you are submitting to press release distribution sites. In the first paragraph, try to summarize the most important aspects of the event.

Answer the following questions about the event:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • How?

Avoid all unnecessary background information of the event and try providing the straight-up facts. Don’t make any mistake, not even small ones because that minimizes your PR’s impact. Moreover, always pay special attention to grammar, spacing, and style. If your press release doesn’t meet the strict guidelines of SEO press release distribution sites, they will be discarded by the editors. So, always pay special emphasis on specific standards of PRs as required by the press release distribution sites.

#3. Topic Selection and Essential Quotes

The first and most important aspect of a press release is its newsworthiness. To make a PR newsworthy, try writing news on:

  • Launching of new products by fashion brands
  • Updates on an already existing product
  • Any kind of new partnership forged between fashion companies
  • Hiring of a big name or product endorsement by a celebrity
  • Opening of a new office/outlet
  • Award ceremonies

You must quote the managing director or an employee of the brand you are writing the PR for. Try choosing quotes from people (at the most two) who are considered authorities in the company. There are many online press release distribution sites where you can submit your PR. However, try submitting in the most reliable ones so that your press release gets the maximum coverage and viewership.

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