How to Write a Perfect Press Release on Travel?

Hundreds and thousands of press releases are submitted every week by travel agents and travelling companies at affordable press release distribution sites. But not all of them are professionally written. That’s the reason why most travel agencies complain about not getting enough mileage from PRs.

No agency will get the desired mileage until and unless press releases are written in the right manner, as per the specifications rolled out by the best press release service sites for PR distribution. In fact, this format is also followed by the reporters and journalists.

In this article, the right way of writing perfect the press release is given. Here are 3 important recommendations.

Top 3 Recommendations for Writing the Perfect Press Release on Travel

Recommendation #1: Always Write a Great Headline.

If you want journalists to read your travel press release from the thousands of other PRs they get on a daily basis, always write a good headline. It must be informative, but, at the same time, short. The most important aspect of the headline is that it should be able to grab the eyeballs of the journalists. If your headline is boring, journalists will hardly ever click on your PR and will just scroll on. Always try to write an interesting, informative, and short headline (preferably within 100 characters). Until and unless your PR headline evokes interest among reporters and journalists (leading to clicks and consequent reading of the press release), writing and submitting PRs at affordable press release distribution sites would remain a meaningless task.

Recommendation #2: Don’t Stress on Hype and Superlative Adjectives.

It has been seen that most travel agencies write press releases that use superlative adjectives and modifiers, giving the PRs an inflated feel. When such superfluous adjectives (such as superb, beautiful, spectacular, gourmet, scenic, etc.) are used they sound unreal. In fact, journalists don’t like superlative adjective and inflated PRs. So, try avoiding unwanted and unnecessary hype.

When public relation professionals are asked about the reason of using such superlative adjectives, they say it is because of the fact that their client needs them. However, this can’t be an excuse for writing hyped PRs. The clients may not know the format. But public relation officers do. The onus to let the clients know about the particulars of the PR format rests upon public relation professionals. So, the next time you write press releases and submit them at affordable press release distribution sites, always ensure that you cut out the hype completely.

Recommendation #3: Just Include the Facts and Don’t Provide Extraneous Information.

Just put the facts in the desired format. Whether you are writing about a new travel product or letting people know about a special travelling event in the city, always include factual information so that the journalist reading it feels the need to cover it.


These are the three recommended points for a travel agency/company to write a press release and submit it to the best and most affordable press release distribution sites.

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