Get Your Word Out with A Winner Press Release

The objective of press release distribution services is to deliver your story to a network of targeted media. The media generally chosen is the target audience that could be interested in the news you are promoting.

Ideally, you would select the best press release service so that the news you are promoting gets the maximum attention.

Many small and medium businesses do not have adequate knowledge on how to enrich their stories and choose the right press release service.
Here are a few things to consider before choosing the right press release service.


Firms offering press release services must be affordable. You must evaluate the cost in an inclusive manner. Get answers to the following queries.

• What is the price for single release distribution and for multiple?
• Is the distribution for web only, or for web plus the targeted media?
• Ask them for a breakup of price for local distribution, regional distribution, nationwide distribution and worldwide distribution.

Quick publishing

The best press release service ensures fast publishing of your story.
A few of them may even offer you same day publishing – a great advantage indeed.

After all, who does not want their story to get traction as soon as possible?

Moreover, the service must inform you where your news is released. A professional press release firm provides their clients with a downloadable report listing the URLs where the story has been published. They may even hunt down the responses from readers like shares, tweets and feedbacks.

An important feature that a press release service must have is editing service.

If they do offer such a service, it means they have a professional team of experienced editors. This is a boon to businesses because they may not have people with the essential skills to create content suitable for distribution.

An editing service can also help you edit and accelerate turnaround.
As a rule, here are a few points to make note of while editing content for press releases.

  • Headline
    Make it sound useful and give it a sense of urgency but do not forget to use active voice. The headline on a standalone basis must convey to the reader that your story is worth reading. And remember, passive voice makes your story less appealing.
  • Know your audience
    Before producing content, you must know whom you are writing for. Creators of effective press releases do plenty of demographical research. If your target market is millennials, then using phrases/words they love most will appeal to them.
  • Flood content with elevator pitch
    Your content must commence with a persuasive speech that will spark interest in your news. For example, if you are announcing launching of a product, write an elevator pitch that will compel people to know more about the innovative features of your new product.
  • Abide by accepted editing rules
    Editors at the best press release service are sticklers for perfection. They will not compromise on AP style or the Associated Press style – a benchmark for journalists and news writers for the right tone, prose and grammar.
  • If your release is even a shade below perfect it is almost certain to go into the trash box.
    And of course, it helps a lot to add, pictures and videos to heighten the impact.

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