Even In This Age Press Releases Continue To Be Of Importance To Marketers

Frankly, the pre-internet era was not the bygone age of advertising.

In those days, the conventional methods succeeded and they still do even today.

Using press releases to get your word out in those days involved connecting with journalists and editors.

Today, we are in the age of the internet. Blogging, content distribution and social media is now the new culture that is transforming the way businesses garner attention.

Startups are leveraging approaches like creative low-cost strategies to get new customers and retain the existing ones.

In fact, you can call the new entrepreneurs as growth hackers or growth marketers.

They are savvy.  A press release writing and distribution service is a very important tool for them.

They are precise in their marketing strategies, sometimes to the point of becoming obsessive.

The best marketing tactics fall into the following three categories:

  1. Advertising
  2. Brand/service marketing
  3. Content marketing

As mentioned earlier, a press release is a vital component for getting the word out.

You may feel press releases are old fashioned. But the fact is they aren’t. Just that the press releases are evolving all the time.

Present-day press releases are more interactive, with the upshot that they always have something which keeps the readers interested.

Yes, press releases are pure information. They must be free of fluff and with minimal word count. Readers are not interested in going through a long yarn. They just want, in short, the answers to what, who, where, when and why.

Churn out valuable content that is useful to the target audience. If it is interesting, innovative and newsworthy then any press release writing and distribution service will lap it up.

But how do you go about doing this?

There are several approaches, but here we shall look at only those that are not talked about often, even by marketers.

Getting advice from the analytics team

Spending hours writing a brilliant press release is of no value if you do not get links back to your home page.

After all, you want to be figure high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Sticking to relevant news only

Releases fail for a number of reasons. But the key one is an irrelevant story.  Do not make your story just targeted to your clients. It must interest the journalists and the public, as well.

Provide value

It is not uncommon to see company-issued press releases having no value. There is no point announcing a new development or the launch of a new brand unless it is of some value to readers. Press releases are similar to content marketing in that you must describe what value it has.

At the end of the day, the best approach to make the most of your press release is to make it fresh and innovative – and relevant to your audience.

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