Using The Internet To Effectively Get Your Word Out

Press releases are short contents issued by businesses and companies, large, medium, or small, to convey newsworthy information to journalists and the general public. The type of material that goes into press releases can vary a great deal. It can be announcement of a new product/service, a business event, or a clarification on any sensitive … Continue reading

How to Write a Great Press Release

Approximately 80 million people get their news from online sources. About 100 million people are using search engines every day. These statistics alone can emphasize why press releases still matter. However, there are other facts and figures about press releases to keep in mind. Are Press Releases Still Important In 2019? Crafting professional press releases … Continue reading

Getting Your Word Out Via A Free Press Release Distribution Service

It is not always an easy job to get your news story online. Though there are several press release websites, both free and paid, that will do the job for you, selecting one that is effective can be a tedious task. After all, as a business person you need to distribute your story to online … Continue reading

How To Create A Powerful Presence Among Your Targeted Audience Using a Press Release

It does not matter which industry you belong to. Almost all types of business use digital marketing to communicate key developments within their business or the industry to those looking for such information. One of the best ways of doing this is to use a press release. A press release can help you get the … Continue reading