Getting Your Word Out Via A Free Press Release Distribution Service

It is not always an easy job to get your news story online. Though there are several press release websites, both free and paid, that will do the job for you, selecting one that is effective can be a tedious task.

After all, as a business person you need to distribute your story to online media outlets so that you not only enhance the visibility of your company but also improve your SEO rankings.

But do you really need to spend money for press release distribution?

Not necessarily. A good free press release distribution service can do a fine job of driving targeted traffic your way.

Yet, the task is not straightforward.

With thousands of new businesses sprouting each year, you do have serious competition.

It is but natural for you to put in place the right marketing strategy to stay ahead in business.

Thankfully, you are now in a digital age that allows you to leverage advanced technologies. But you do need to put in place precise tactics to get the right traction.

One such key to success is using a service that distributes your stories to a significant number of media outlets.

You must create a unique angle that would make journalists want to cover your story.

In this context, you must understand that a news item can have different angles.

It can have a national angle, which means your story is of value for the country as a whole.

On the other hand, a local angle will focus only on a specific location.

For example, if a person is nominated for the post of mayor in your town, you need to localize the story.

Whichever way, your announcement must be newsworthy.

For example, the release may be about a new development in your company such as a product launch, or it can be a corporate event where an announcement about the forthcoming expansion of your business is planned.

Here are a few other points that you must take note of

Do not forget to include key details that answers the 4 Ws (Who, Where, Why, and What). This may look elementary but is often forgotten by many entrepreneurs.

Do some homework, be concise, and to the point.

You must focus on why the news is important. Will the journalists and even the target audience really be interested?

If the news is about a product it must talk of some innovation, positive interactions among industry experts, and about how it is likely to help consumers solve a problem.

Do not forget to include a quote. Facts must be supported by some attribution. With quotations from influencers or company captains, the story will seem as if it has resulted from an actual interview and give the release credibility.

And finally, here’s a take on free press release distribution websites.

Yes, it is true that free press release sites are getting popular by the day.

Yet, research on your part is essential to rule out scam websites. The website must actually offer free distribution service and even better if it offers links and syndication to other sites.

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