How to Write a Great Press Release

Approximately 80 million people get their news from online sources. About 100 million people are using search engines every day. These statistics alone can emphasize why press releases still matter. However, there are other facts and figures about press releases to keep in mind.

Are Press Releases Still Important In 2019?

Crafting professional press releases is just one service we offer at Max Newswire. Nonetheless, we cannot overstate its importance to your brand. Even in 2019, press releases should be a key component to how companies of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds present themselves.

Here are a few PR stats and facts to keep in mind:

  • Successful press releases are viewed approximately 275 times in a single week.
  • 100% of journalists said online press releases represent their number one way of discovering stories.
  • Approximately 70% of all consumers would rather learn about a company through an article, as opposed to an advertisement. A press release certainly qualifies as an article, but the information can also be used by journalists to craft their own articles.
  • Journalists have an average of three hundred emails waiting for them every morning. Among those emails, anywhere from 50-100 of those emails will be press releases.
  • The most common sources of frustration for journalists with press releases are typos, and/or a lack of contact information.
  • Social media plays a vital role in creating viral press releases. Facebook and Twitter remain the most popular outlets to that end.

At this point, it’s easy to see why press releases still matter. At this point, you’re ready to learn how the best press releases are written on average.

How Do We Define A Press Release?

At its core, a press release is a 1-2-page document that shares breaking news with the general public. The focus of a PR is to connect with print, television, and online media sources, but a good PR should be digestible to anyone with an interest in your business. Also, when we talk about press statements, news releases, or media releases, we’re still talking about press releases.

Let’s take a quick look at what defines good examples of press releases:

  • The headline has to be captivating.
  • The value of the news in the PR must be conveyed clearly and distinctly.
  • There should be a captivating quotable for your target journalists.
  • There must be succinct, objective background information.
  • Your boilerplate must spell out the “who” and “what” in no uncertain terms.

An Overview of the Most Important PR Writing Tips

The press release tips we mentioned above cover the absolute basics. We’re going to give you the opportunity for an even deeper look at writing PRs in a moment. For the time being, here are a few more things to keep in mind when it comes to writing a PR that is guaranteed to connect with the people and sources relevant to your industry:

  • Don’t waste time: Given the fact that we’re only talking about two pages of content MAX (less is almost always better), it goes without saying that you need to get right to the point. The first paragraph is ideal to that end.
  • Hard data is good data: Emphasizing your good points or successes in a press release is acceptable practice. Just be sure to back up those elements with hard data whenever possible.
  • Flawless: In terms of grammar and similar considerations, your PR needs to be flawless.
  • Contact information: To come back to an earlier statistic, it is VITAL that your press release includes all relevant forms of contact information for your company.
  • Showing them more information: Yes, a press release has to be to the point. At the same time, that doesn’t mean you can’t give someone a link, or something similar, to learn more about a particular subject or event.

Get a Handle on Writing Brilliant PRs With Our New Ebook

A press release has so much to offer. It gains media coverage, builds the reputation of your brand, and helps you to build backlinks from reliable media sources. It is a cost-effective method of marketing your organization. Press releases can also prove to be invaluable in a crisis.

We’ve covered a lot here today, but it’s only the beginning. If you want to truly understand the value of press releases in the 21st century, and how you can take advantage of that, check out our ebook The Role of Press Releases In the Modern Digital Marketing Scenario. This book will break down absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about unlocking the potential of PRs for your own business. From there, our PR experts at Max Newswire can take your ambitions and needs even further.

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