Press Release: Why it’s Important and How to Utilize It

creating a press release

Are press releases still a useful marketing tool in the 21st century? Absolutely. Despite the powerhouse that social media has become, particularly as a global tool for communication, the traditional press release remains invaluable.

The truth of the matter is that we are still exploring what social media has to offer from a marketing perspective. Press releases are essentially the same as they have been for the past several decades. The channels by which they travel have largely remained the same, as well.

Press Releases and Social Media Marketing

Yet, as a concept, the press release must still keep social media marketing in mind. The landscape of digital marketing is more elaborate, and confusing to some, than ever before. It can be helpful to understand how press releases are still an important digital marketing consideration. At the same time, it is also important to learn how to utilize them effectively.

At Max Newswire, we can help you with your press releases. From making sure they are crafted correctly to ensuring they reach the right people, our experience can help you execute this marketing cornerstone to perfection.

Why Are Press Releases So Important

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of press releases. At the same time, we can also discuss some of the ways a press release can be utilized in the best possible way:

  • The ability to announce a new product or service: Ready to announce a new release? There is no faster, or more effective, way to connect that announcement to media sources, search engines, and social media hubs.
  • The opportunity to improve brand image: A press release can establish authority as few other marketing tools can.
  • Instant distribution: When you have a press release distribution service in your corner, the results are instantaneous. You won’t be waiting for your audience or your ideal media sources to find you. They will have what you want to share with them.
  • The power of images: One of the most significant changes to press releases has been the gradual inclusion of images, as well as other types of media. You can now create a press release that combines compelling text with distinctive, memorable visuals. This is another area in which Max Newswire can help.
  • Viral potential: Obviously, press releases cannot ignore social media, or the possibility of going viral. Indeed, if you have a press release that’s exciting enough, people will share it across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. If your press release can go viral, your business can transform overnight into something much more successful.
  • Reach people anywhere: Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even desktop computers can all receive a press release. To put it another way, your press release can be read by anyone anywhere at any time.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Also known as SEO, this refers to the practice of utilizing relevant keywords and phrases in the most efficient, natural fashion possible. SEO helps your business to achieve high rankings on search engines. The press release has become a formidable SEO tool for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Final Tips on Crafting the Best Possible Press Release

Any worthwhile press release will start off with a knockout for a headline. You don’t want to be sensationalistic. What you do want is something that grabs the attention of the reader instantly. Such a headline must be followed up with text that gets right to the point. You don’t want to bury your lead. Not only is it frustrating for casual readers, but legitimate journalists too may pass on your PR altogether.

What, who, where, when, and why. These are the questions that define virtually every press release. These questions should be answered with short, concise sentences. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time on irrelevant jargon. Keep in mind that quotations and contact information should also be part of your press release.

Our Full Range Of PR Marketing Services

Regardless of the specifics of your company, Max Newswire will meet your PR needs. If you are already utilizing PRs, but want to unlock their true potential, we can show you how to achieve that. If you want to work with a company that can help build your press releases from the ground up, we can work with that as well.

Contact us today to learn more about making PRs a key element to your digital marketing endeavors.

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