5 Press Release Tactics to Earn the Right Backlinks

The simplest definition of a backlink is that it is a link that one website receives from another website. There are numerous benefits of backlinks. Such benefits can apply to virtually any business. It has become a crucial component to successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. The better you understand how SEO works, as well as how to implement it, the more successful you are going to be at building backlinks that will help your brand over both the short term and the long term.

When backlinks are utilized to their full potential, you stand to improve your organic ranking to a meaningful degree. At the same time, you are also putting yourself at the forefront of faster indexing from search engine bots that are so crucial for standing out from the crowd. Finally, backlinks are a great way to generate referral traffic.

With all of these possibilities that can work to your advantage, it can be extremely useful to learn how a press release can help you to earn the best backlinks possible.

5 Proven Press Release Strategies for Backlinks

A best press release is a powerful SEO tool, which extends to getting the right (trusted) backlinks.

Here are 5 tactics that prove this to be true:

  • Remembering your keywords: The storytelling potential of a press release, which must nonetheless remain factual, is enormous. Keep that in mind, but don’t lose sight of how crucial keywords are for successful SEO endeavors. Your press release should contain a number of strong keywords.

  • Reference links: A press release can use other sources to emphasize its value and authority. These are known as reference links. They can be extremely helpful, but they must be relevant.

  • Bloggers and influencers: If you aren’t thinking about the bloggers and influencers relevant to your brand, then you are absolutely missing out on what could be a very rewarding avenue. Providing such individuals with free content can create backlinks that enhance your visibility in your industry.

  • Find your sources: While a press release can go out to the whole world, it often works best when directed at sources that have direct connections to your target audience. This is where you can definitely benefit from working alongside a digital marketing company. Any such company worth your time will have a powerful database of such sources.

  • Easy accessibility: Your website should obviously be a home for your press release. Just make sure the press release is easy to find on your site. You also want to make sure it can be shared across social media sites and elsewhere.

Don’t Forget About Backlinks!

At this point, it should be pretty clear that backlinks have a lot to offer your brand. Regardless of the specifics of your company, the right backlinks can give you an SEO advantage that allows you to dominate your competitors on search engines. The same thought can obviously be applied to using a press release for new business in the first place.

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