How to Use Social Media in a Press Release

Social media is something your business simply cannot ignore. It is estimated that approximately 3.48 billion of us are currently using social media to communicate, engage, and understand. There is no question that among those 3.48 billion, your target audience is likely waiting to hear from you. While there are a lot of tools that can help you to utilize for the digital marketing landscape, the press release is arguably the most important.

The Relationship with Social Media

The basic concept of the press release marketing has hardly changed over the years. It is still a straightforward document designed to announce to the world at large a product, a release, or simply the intentions of a company moving forward. It is a news document with a specific emphasis on your business.

While press releases have remained structurally the same, technology has still created new demands and ideas within the larger PR concept. Understanding these demands can go a long way towards ensuring your press releases reach your audience in the most proactive, beneficial fashion possible.

Should your press releases be optimized for social media? Absolutely. Let’s talk about the basics of that idea.

How to Implement Social Media in Your Press Release

Social media is a great way to build trust, while simultaneously creating transparency with regard to your brand. All of this in turn can help to establish a stronger degree of authority attached to your business.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, when it comes to using social media in a press release:

  • Give them links to your social networks: In this day and age, it is just irresponsible to not give your readers a collection of links to whichever social media hubs your company calls home. These links should be easy to spot, and they should be distinctive from the social sharing buttons (more on those shortly).

  • Blogging and more: Not only should others be able to share your PRs in social media or elsewhere, but you should be doing that yourself. If your company has a blog, strongly consider adding your press release as a post. The same can be said for your social media channels. It is absolutely acceptable to use your Facebook page to share your latest press release.

  • Social sharing tools: We touched on this above. It should be easy for people to share your PR on their favorite social media site. You don’t need a button for every single site. Only the ones that make sense for your company. That being said, you should definitely have Facebook and Twitter buttons.

  • Utilizing multimedia: If you want to increase the chances of social sharing on your latest press release, multimedia is a good way to ensure that outcome. Embedded audio and video are just two possibilities. Images can obviously be used to great effect, as well.

  • A tweetable quote: Your press release will almost certainly make the rounds on Twitter. To that end, you want a quote that will be perfect for the constraints and overall format of Twitter.

Social media and press releases enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. Why not put that fact to work for your business? We can show you how.

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