What 5 Basic Questions Should A Press Release Answer

It is not difficult to understand why press releases are more important than ever. The genius of the press release lies in its ability to be a flexible means of conveying information to the world at large. It is the most efficient and, arguably, the most effective tool in the world of digital marketing.

In mere moments, working alongside a company such as ours, the entire world can learn about what’s new with your business. A good press release can go viral, while simultaneously reaching media sources that are going to be particularly interested in announcements such as yours.

For these reasons, it is vital to understand the questions you need to answer with your press release.

The Questions You Must Answer In A Press Release

Whether you craft the press release on your own or if you prefer to outsource the work to a professional company that can write and distribute any PR for any company, these are the 5 basic questions any press release MUST answer:

  • What is the announcement? This comes down to understanding what makes the press release newsworthy in the first place. The value of the story has a direct relationship to how your audience is going to perceive it. Why should they be excited? Answer that question and focus on it. This is something that should be addressed immediately within your press release. You want to give all of the relevant information, but you also want to get right to the point.
  • Who are you trying to reach? PR Writing Services can be designed specifically with industry experts in the media/elsewhere in mind. At the same time, your press release can be designed for consumers who fit your target audience. A press release can even aspire to be both of those things.

  • What is the impact going to be of this announcement? This can also include asking yourself who the PR is going to benefit most of all. What you need to do is imagine the best-case scenario for what you want in a reaction from the public.

  • When/where will the announcement become tangible and available? Any viable press release will have this information front and center. Your audience should know in no uncertain terms when they can expect your new release/product/event.

  • Who is speaking for you? A few quotes from a relevant source within your company is another vital component of the best press releases. In many situations, this would be the CEO of the company. However, they are not necessarily always the best choice. You need to think very carefully about the best possible candidate to speak to your audience. This can be someone who worked on the project you are announcing, but there are a number of possibilities that can explored here.

Writing the Best Possible Press Release

The questions mentioned above are not difficult to answer. Addressing them in your straightforward, engaging press release will ensure you achieve everything you want from your announcement. These are questions our PR experts can help you to answer, as well.

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