How Much Does A Press Release Actually Cost?

For everything a press release can accomplish, it is understandable to imagine the costs being high. After all, when we talk about the benefits of press releases in digital marketing, we are talking about a long list of advantages. These include instant exposure to relevant sources, the opportunity to go viral, and the chance to compel readers to visit your website to learn more. Regardless of the size and specifics of your business, a press release is a powerful means of not only generating leads, but driving conversions that take your business to its next desired level.

Is A Press Release Financially Viable For My Small Business?

Keeping all of this in mind, again, it can be understandable to assume that the costs of an online press release are more than you can reasonably manage. Small businesses can benefit from outsourcing on a number of levels. Yet many don’t, simply because they don’t believe it’s financially reasonable.

There are two ways to address that idea. In the first place, it can be helpful to understand the cost of a press release. In the second place, it can arguably be just as helpful to appreciate the value of a press release. Businesses that continue to make press releases part of their digital marketing strategies can tell you the value of a good press release is far greater than the costs.

Costs which are not nearly as high as some believe.

Press Releases: Weighing Cost Against Value

Something to keep in mind with press releases is that the costs involved can vary widely. If you’re willing to handle absolutely everything on your own, the costs can only really be measured in the amount of time spent on crafting the press release. Unfortunately, unless you have a powerhouse distribution network of relevant media connections, as well as the ability to craft distinctive, engaging press releases, the odds of a successful PR are slim. This is where outsourcing to a digital marketing firm starts to make sense.

Outsourcing can run you anywhere from a few bucks on Fiverr, to spending $500+ to work with professional writers. The costs can go up a little more, if you decide to go with a digital marketing company such as ours. While we can write a single press release, our services are best utilized when our experience allows us to craft and release digital marketing strategies on a variety of levels. This gives a press release the best opportunity to find its ideal audience. Such services can run several hundred dollars. For small business owners, such costs can strike one as prohibitive.

Perhaps. However, when one considers the value of the Cheap press release, particularly when it comes from experienced writers, works with a strong distribution network, and benefits from other aspects of digital marketing, the costs become less of a concern. Any marketing firm worth your time and money can show you the long-term benefits of their work, against the short-term costs of building a comprehensive, effective marketing campaign.

How much is a press release? The actual price varies, but the benefits make it a priceless opportunity, more often than not.

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