How to Use Social Media in a Press Release

Social media is something your business simply cannot ignore. It is estimated that approximately 3.48 billion of us are currently using social media to communicate, engage, and understand. There is no question that among those 3.48 billion, your target audience is likely waiting to hear from you. While there are a lot of tools that … Continue reading

5 Press Release Tactics to Earn the Right Backlinks

The simplest definition of a backlink is that it is a link that one website receives from another website. There are numerous benefits of backlinks. Such benefits can apply to virtually any business. It has become a crucial component to successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. The better you understand how SEO works, as well … Continue reading

Would Online Press Releases Be A Good Fit For Your Organization?

Online press releases are not likely to disappear from the digital marketing landscape anytime soon. It is estimated that 80 million people are getting their news online every day (1). Believe it or not, but that number can mean something to your company. Why A Press Release Will Benefit Your Business Simply put, regardless of … Continue reading

Using Max Newswire to Get the Most Out Of Your Press Releases

Virtually every business under the sun needs to take public relations seriously. To be more specific, a business just like yours must learn how to utilize press releases effectively. Some believe Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media represent the future of the digital marketing landscape. Up to a point, they aren’t wrong. Up to … Continue reading

Press Release: Why it’s Important and How to Utilize It

creating a press release

Are press releases still a useful marketing tool in the 21st century? Absolutely. Despite the powerhouse that social media has become, particularly as a global tool for communication, the traditional press release remains invaluable. The truth of the matter is that we are still exploring what social media has to offer from a marketing perspective. … Continue reading

Power of Online Press Release Distribution to Hit Defined Target Audiences

Whenever you think of promoting an event or a new development that needs to be targeted at specific audiences, such as football enthusiasts or sports lovers, a targeted press release distribution is the right option.   Significance of strategic coverage If you are publishing your news story in a local newspaper, it will be read-only … Continue reading