How The Video Press Release Will Define The Future Of PR

While no one is going to toss out the written word in press releases anytime soon, there is no question that video has become a new standard. Video press releases have been around for at least a few years. Yet they have only truly started to show us what they can do in the final years of the 2010s.

Technology has come a long way. This is certainly true of how video and audio are being used to construct compelling press releases. Companies large and small are taking advantage of the vast array of tools now available to create such videos. Working with a PR firm, these companies are finding that video can be built around their ideas and expectations.

No, we can’t be 100% about the future of PR. However, we can make some educated guesses that are more likely than not to work out. One of those guesses? The future of PR is going to be defined by what you can do with video. That includes social sharing.

The Current State Of Video Marketing

Video press releases are wholly unique, in terms of how they impact our senses. For almost every human being on the planet, nothing engages more readily and effectively than the combination of video and audio. Text isn’t going anywhere, but there is no question that it must share the landscape of digital PR Writting Services tools.

YouTube has over a billion users. That makes up for nearly 1/3rd of the total number of people using the internet on the planet. Roughly five hundred million hours of content is watched on YouTube each and every day. These numbers are not likely to drop anytime soon. A viral video is no longer a one-time sensation. A video PR that works intelligently with design, content, and execution can become the foundation for a movement.

Yes, that includes a movement in which traffic is driven to your business. Remember that around eighty-two percent of all Twitter users watch video on the site. For most people, about one-third of their total online activity is spent watching videos.

How Video Is Changing The PR Landscape

Let’s take a quick look at some of the key ways video is altering the PR landscape (for the better):

  • Deeper creative control: From embedding video in a traditional press release, to the vast array of tools that allow you to create a video as unique as your brand, the format gives you an extraordinary element of creativity.
  • The ability to show your story: A traditional PR is limited in the sense that it can only tell us about something. Video takes the audience on a much more personal, relatable journey. With video, you are not simply telling your story. You are showing it, as well. That is only going to become more important in digital marketing, as time goes on.
  • Social sharing: Nothing goes viral like a video. Social sharing is more universal than ever. Taking advantage of a massive audience is no longer a happy accident. Careful work and strategy can create a video with serious viral potential.

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