How Does The Media Define The Best Press Releases?

The benefits of a press release are numerous. This a time-honored approach to generating media and other types of invaluable attention. It is true that technology and social media have shaped the press release on a number of exciting new levels. The same can also be said of how a press release is still designed to do the same thing it has done for the past several generations.

Again, that is to reach an interested audience. Social media has made it easier to reach customers. However, at the end of the day, a successful press release in any form must still find success in reaching media sources. They must also be highly relevant to the focus of the company putting out the press release.

Working with a professional PR firm like ours will mean utilizing our vast network of media sources in all imaginable forms. Let’s take a closer look at what we know media sources are looking for, when it comes to attractive press releases.

What The Media Looks For In A Good Press Release

A recent survey indicated that most journalists are still indeed looking for press releases worth reporting to the world at large. In other words, the audience is there. The challenge on your end is to have a clear idea of what journalists are looking for in a “worthy” press release.

As you can imagine, there isn’t much of a room for error. A missing link, a weak headline, and other pitfalls can doom even the most thrilling news. You need to grab their attention right from the start. This cannot be done with clickbait-type headlines or false promises. The headline must be factual and engaging in equal measures.

The headline must be followed by careful attention to the five W’s. Your press release must cover the who, the what, the where, the when, and the why. Some will even make it a point to cover the “how.” This information must be conveyed, like your headline, in a factual fashion. Yet it must also have the ability to dominate their attention. You ideally want to leave them with the desire to use their media influence to report on your recent events.

Don’t Forget Your Contact Information!

To that end, the best press releases will offer straightforward contact information. You can shape your press release to make follow-up questions an appealing venture. However, the essentials of what you want to convey must be included in the initial press release. If you want to be reached for more information, offer the press a variety of different ways to contact you. Email and phone are obviously best but don’t be afraid some social media information, as well. This is one way for a company to build a relationship with relevant media sources.

You can also turn to our professionals at Max Newswire for one of the deepest media networks to be found anywhere. A professional PR service can be crucial, in terms of helping you shape the message itself. You can then rely on an established network that will bring the relevant sources to you.

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