How Images Enhance Your Press Release On Every Level

Studies show that human beings process images much more quickly than they do with text. From a digital marketing standpoint, it is easy to see what this can mean for your press releases and other efforts. The press release, in particular, can benefit from a multimedia approach on a number of levels. We are already talking about one of the most effective marketing tools to be found anywhere in the world.

Understanding the benefits of the press release is your first step. The better you understand the inherent advantages of a press release, the easier it will be to see how media, such as images, can enhance every single one of those advantages.

Perhaps, the best element to this subject at all is how these benefits can be applied to any company that is willing to take them seriously. Our PR professionals can take you from conception to distribution. This includes special attention paid to using imagery effectively.

A Quick Look At Press Release Pros

It seems likely that text will always play a role in communications. While this is important to remember, it can be just as crucial for your marketing to keep in mind how a press release can be created in the first place. You certainly want a compelling headline. You want something that presents a recent announcement from your company in a factual, engaging fashion. To be sure, you want to craft a compelling narrative about not only the present state of your company but it’s future, as well.

A successful press release enhances visibility and authority in equal measures. It has the potential to go viral, which means reaching thousands, perhaps millions more than you ever imagined. This document can help to build not only a better relationship with your audience but with trusted, relevant media sources, as well. You certainly don’t want to forget that press releases now share a strong relationship with social media and social sharing.

The above represents what any business should expect from putting out a press release. What happens when we add media, including images and videos, to the effort?

Can Images Enhance A Successful Press Release?

Let’s consider the study mentioned at the top of this article. It is estimated that the human brain processes images around sixty thousand times faster than they do with text. While you can’t build an entire press release with just pictures, there is no question that visuals have the power to put your message over the top.

Images can help to drive the narrative of your press release. You can even build the text around them. Your images aren’t simply designed to keep the eye attracted to the details of your release. The images can work in tandem with your text to give your audience a crystal-clear impression of what you are trying to express. This also gives you the ability to better stand out from the crowd. Images can also make a strong impression on potential media sources.

Max Newswire can show you exactly how images can be used to create a powerhouse press release.

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