Is It Worth Sending Your Press Release To Bloggers? We Say Yes!

Simply by virtue of its name, commonsense tells us to send our press releases to the press. This includes print and visual media. Regardless of the specifics of your big announcement, it stands to reason that you want your piece to connect with relevant sources. These should be sources who are genuinely interested in what a business like yours has to say. It stands to reason as well that you will also want your press release to engage the general public. Thanks to social media and other modern tools, this is more possible than ever.

But what about bloggers? Is it worth sending press releases to bloggers? We say yes, and there are a number of reasons as to why we believe so.

Bloggers Can Help Your Press Release Get Out There

Bloggers have essentially become a type of influencer. These are individuals who have a genuine passion for one subject or industry or another. They report on and discuss this subject/industry frequently, sharing blog posts and vlogs on websites like WordPress and YouTube. The most successful bloggers are the ones whose following is significant enough to warrant the attention of the industry. For this reason alone, more companies are turning to bloggers and other types of influencers than ever before.

While certain industries (such as fashion) lend themselves well to working with bloggers and others, the truth of the matter is that almost everything has an authoritative, well-liked expert in this day and age. Regardless of the specifics of your industry, there is an excellent chance that you can find numerous bloggers who can help your message to reach people.

So, how does one connect to these bloggers?

Pitching Your Press Release To Bloggers

The benefits of reaching out to bloggers should be clear at this point. The challenge on your end is to reach out to them in the most effective fashion. Simply dropping them an email with a link to your press release might work, but don’t count on it.

Reaching out to a blogger isn’t all that different from reaching out to a traditional journalist. The main difference between a blogger and a journalist is that the blogger is doing it out of passion, without a guarantee of compensation or benefit. This is where it can be helpful to offer the possibility of a mutually exclusive relationship between the two of you.

To begin with, bloggers are already on the lookout for companies like yours. They are already interested in products and services such as what you offer. Your pitch can keep this in mind, while simultaneously crafting a narrative around your press release that keeps two things in mind. The first being that the blogger is someone well-respected in your industry. The second being that you also respect what they have to say. All you want is an honest opinion from them. Simply having the opportunity to work in the industry in such a way can appeal to them. At the same time, some do expect to be compensated for their time.

Max Newswire can help to make this process considerably simpler. Our media network most certainly includes bloggers from a wide variety of industries. Contact us today to learn more.

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