How to Do a Press Release: 6 Fool-Proof Tactics to Apply

How to Do a Press Release

If you wish to catch media attention, you must write a compelling press release. Let this be your doorway to successful media exposure and increased business. Writing a press release is no rocket science, but it does require skill. So, if you are not proficient in this task, hire press release writing service without hesitation.

How to do a press release?

Make your press release deserving of media attention by keeping in mind the following things:

  1. Make it newsworthy: This is the pre-requisite of an attention-grabbing press release. You have hired a new employee. Is this news? It may be important for your organization, but people outside it don’t care. This isn’t news for the media either, unless, of course, your business is big enough to move markets and you have a new CEO on board. This is news.
  2. Make sure you use facts, not fiction: Integrity plays a huge role in creating a successful press release. Integrity is also important for business. You must always deliver true facts and not mislead the media or people. Avoid using press release as a cheap publicity stunt. It can backfire.
  3. Make it brief and to the point: You aren’t narrating a story here; you are only informing. Moreover, journalists hardly have time to sit and edit your lengthy copy. They would simply dismiss it. Write crisp, easy-to-understand language in a concise manner, conveying your message within a brief description. It should be ready for use by journalists. This increases the likelihood of your press release to be readily accepted.
  4. Make a habit to use simple words, no jargons please: No matter how tempted you are to use jargons and brandish your complex vocabulary, stick to the simplest words present in the dictionary. Avoid flamboyancy in sentences. Write simple, short sentences.
  5. Make sure you send it to the right media source: You are a company dealing with consumer goods. It’s useless sending your product launch content to the movie, literary, or sports media. Send them to journalists who cover news about consumer durables and likewise.
  6. Make sure your press release answers Who, When, What, Where, and Why: Who is doing the event? When is the event scheduled to take place? What is the event about? Where will the event be held? Why is it important? The last one gives you an opportunity to attract the media through your intelligent reasoning.

Hiring writers for your press release

If writing a press release makes you nervous, you can hire cheap press release writing service. They harbor talented writers who know exactly how to create compelling content. Simply provide them the necessary information for the content and they would put together a killer piece ready to make headlines.

An added advantage of hiring a service is that you can focus on the upcoming event of your company, rather than focusing on writing about the event.

So, instead of raking your brains in thinking, ‘how to do a press release?’ contact the best press release writing and distribution service. They are pros in creating spellbinding content and in distributing it to the right sources.

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