It Makes Sense To Make Your Press Release Search Friendly

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You may think why submit a press release when social media is the preferred platform to get your word out. If you are still thinking on these lines then you are really off the mark. The conventional marketing tool, the press release is still in and has now gained a fresh purpose. You can even … Continue reading

Harnessing Social Media To Get The Best Out Of Your Press Release

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Social media has transformed the way businesses communicate across the world. It has created new benchmarks in branding, and for start-ups a new platform to succeed at level even businesspersons could not think of earlier. As companies are trying out novel ways to harness the power of social media, the time-honored marketing platform – the … Continue reading

3 Hot Topics for Press Release You Must Not Miss

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Many people proclaim that the era of press release is gone. However, when you see the number of press releases being published every day and how eagerly the media respond to it, you would say it’s a new era of press releases! PR writing can never die. It’s official. Yes, its versions can change. Earlier, … Continue reading

The Best Approach To Write & And Also Distribute A Press Release

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Making your story viral via one of the top press release distribution sites is not a bad idea at all. Press releases are not yet obsolete and they still make for an effective marketing strategy. What you need to do, however, is to craft your story in the best possible manner and distribute it smartly. … Continue reading