3 Hot Topics for Press Release You Must Not Miss

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Many people proclaim that the era of press release is gone. However, when you see the number of press releases being published every day and how eagerly the media respond to it, you would say it’s a new era of press releases!

PR writing can never die. It’s official. Yes, its versions can change. Earlier, press releases were the typical clips of newspapers. Today, they are more digital, even on social media. Modern generation press releases are focused on search engine optimization, content, and link building. They are created not only to send across your message, but also to increase traffic to your website.

So, a lot has changed since the first press release came into being till today.
Yet, the proclamation that press is release era is over holds doubt. Press releases are very much in vogue.

Ideas for press release

There is no doubt that when you launch a product or service or organize an event, you want to invite the media for greater exposure of your event. The media helps your event connect with the world.

However, PR writing is not limited to launches and events. Moreover, they don’t happen often, only once in a while.

You mustn’t wait so long to create a press release. As mentioned earlier, digital press releases help increase traffic to your website. So, it makes sense to publish a press release monthly or bi-monthly. This also keeps you in touch with the media and your business stays in the limelight. The more you hog the limelight, the more the world notices you.

Here are a few situations that demand the attention of the media

1. Fundraising:

You might think nobody would be interested in your fundraising. Wrong. Startups, small businesses, crowdfunding, and venture capital funding are hot topics. People want to know about them.

So, if you have some fresh investors interested in your business or you have raised capital for business expansion or launched a crowdfunding campaign, you are news.

Create a perfect press release announcing your endeavor, including how you intend to use the funds. These topics symbolize success, attract journalists and bloggers, maybe more investors.

2. Community activities:

Do you involve in community activities? Have you received an award or recognition recently? Have you done something for the welfare of the community and the environment? Speak up, let the world know!

This creates a good impression of your business. More people would like to be associated with you. This means more customers. It also can increase visitors to your website.

3. Charity:

It is said that you must not talk about your charitable activities. However, the world of business begs to differ. Here, it helps to blow your trumpet. So, if your company has raised money for cancer awareness, or your employees are participating in a bike ride, walk, or marathon, or your employees are volunteering in a blood donation camp, talk about it.

Let the world know about you and your workforce’s big heart and how much you are concerned about the society. This also shows your corporate social responsibility. Such a business attracts more customers. This will happen only when you throw light on your charitable activities.

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