Harnessing Social Media To Get The Best Out Of Your Press Release

Social Media

Social media has transformed the way businesses communicate across the world.

It has created new benchmarks in branding, and for start-ups a new platform to succeed at level even businesspersons could not think of earlier.
As companies are trying out novel ways to harness the power of social media, the time-honored marketing platform – the press release – has gained a whole new dimension.

It is now a powerful tool to productively enhance the visibility of your company.

For newbie marketers, it would be interesting to find out how to leverage press release and specific content so that potential customers and the target audience get to know more about their company.

In the present scenario, social media marketing is providing a solid platform for brand awareness.

Before the advent of social media, businesses had to go through the painstaking process of contacting press staff who acted as gatekeepers.

Now social media is the main instrument that helps press releases:

• Perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will assist consumers find your company online.
• Become enduring elements of a company’s record that are downloadable for future reference.
• Become the main source for delivering unbiased information to the public.

How do you achieve this?

Simple – start with your story. You must have a compelling story to tell that is newsworthy.

It must get the media’s attention.

All businesses and celebrities use this trick and there is no reason why you mustn’t do it as well.

Your story must have the power to present the facts in a manner that is irresistible to the press.

According to a leading press release submission service, “You must be different than others. Tell them why your company exists and what you are doing to solve people’s problems”.

This is the only way to get kick-start the job.

Establish your company objectives

Why must you send a press release?

It could be:

• To get media coverage to announce a new product launch or an important event.
• To handle a crisis – If some entity has made public a false allegation regarding your company and you want to refute it. It is better you take a proactive stance on it.
• To build backlinks from media websites – If your business publishes exhaustive information in a report and you want reputable media outlets to source the link back to the information.
• To leverage a cost-effective strategy to market your company.

Build the right pitch

As a businessperson, it is but natural for you to think that your effort or achievement is newsworthy.

But it is important to look at it from the media’s perspective.

Look at the story in an unbiased manner and try to structure a headline that your target audience would want to read.

This will help you in building a pitch that is most likely to capture journalists’ attention.

If you find the effort overwhelming, take help from PR writing services.

Such services have subject matter editors who will review your story and ensure it is presented in the most attractive way.

Moreover, by choosing the best press release submission service, you ensure that story is sent to only those media sources that are interested in your news.

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