It Makes Sense To Make Your Press Release Search Friendly

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You may think why submit a press release when social media is the preferred platform to get your word out.

If you are still thinking on these lines then you are really off the mark.

The conventional marketing tool, the press release is still in and has now gained a fresh purpose.

You can even leverage a cheap press release service to promote your company.

But yes, you must do things right.

Social media marketing is continuing to provide a strong base to enhance brand awareness.

You must harness the social media, whichever way you do it.

Gone are the days when you had to go through the grueling process of getting in touch with the press people and requesting them to make your story viral.

You can now do it online on your own.

But if you exploit the social media, you can achieve a lot more.

• You can make use of search engine optimization (SEO) tools that will help your target audience discover you company and your brand online
• Your press kit can be searchable and downloadable for future use.
• Social media is a good platform to communicate unbiased information to the masses

With an online press release you are making use of new technology to effectively get your word out over the internet.

If you are a businessperson you can make use of your own website for online reach.

It is the ideal strategy to upload value-added content that will be useful even for off-site public relation campaigns.

Such a tactic can persuade people to click back to your company website so that readers’ engagement can be tracked and measured.

But always keep in mind that press releases have evolved.

Just the way marketing strategies have undergone a transformation, your PR tactics have to change as well.

With only thousands of daily journalists across the United States and half a million PR managers ready to pay to get their story viral, you can now realize the odds.

PR people are outnumbering journalists 10 to one.

You can still fight the odds provided:

• You research your audience. Try to find out what topics interest them, their pain points and the solutions they are looking for. Importantly how your services and products can solve their problems.
• Your story reaches out to bloggers, industry leaders and influencers besides the general public. Journalists are only a small slice of your audience.
• You use the right keyword phrases. Know which buzzwords increase searches. Select those that are most pertinent to your release.
• Leverage multimedia – The text when combined with infographic and videos catch much more attention.
• Look beyond your website – Your news will not crawl on its own. Use a distribution service even if it is cheap press release service
• Monitor its path – Most people forego this step when they should not. After you submit a press release keep an eye on the impact of your efforts.

These are times of the internet. The dividing line between IT, marketing and PR teams is thin or has been knocked down.

So craft a press release that is measurable.

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