How to Create Powerful Business Press Releases

Create Powerful Business Press Releases

A press release is a precious piece of content. It can attract media like a flower that attracts honeybees. Journalists can extract a lot of juicy information from this piece of content and create a successful coverage.

The only condition is that your content must be written in the right format and sent to the right people.

Business press releases with strong headlines, interesting content, and eye-catching quotes and information can never fail to attract the deserved media attention.

Online press release

If you are a business launching your website, this is news. If you are already established, you must call in the media to inform that you are now online. Startups should also make use of press releases to let the world know they exist. They need the publicity to climb the success ladder.

Online press releases can play a vital role in attracting web traffic to your site. Content that uses the right keywords and deploys intelligent SEO tricks has higher chances of getting accepted by journalists and helping your website rank higher.

The power of the press release

Press releases are not merely some advertisement pieces. They are a treasure house of information for the journalists who are constantly seeking news. A press release is loaded with useful information that the world would like to know about a product or service, an event, what a business is doing, and what trendy is happening in the city.

Press release for a new business can open doors for publicity, building clientele, and getting the relevant audiences.

People who say that the era of a press release is over fail to see the hidden benefits of this precious content. It is not just to publicize your business; it also helps to connect with your audience better and create a stir in the market. This helps you gain the limelight.

Format of the press release

To ensure your press release gets readily accepted by journalists, you need to follow a format.

• If you are creating a print content, it should be typed in double space on a white letterhead that contains the contact person’s name, designation, company, phone number, and address in the upper right side.
• Create an eye-catching headline below the above information.
• Your press release should be just one page or a maximum of two pages.
• It should cover who, what, where, when, why, and how.
• No hype, please. Present the information in a simple manner.
• Your press release should have zero grammar and spelling mistakes. Check the punctuation.
• Jargons are not needed. Use simple language.
• No beating around the bush. Say to the point.
• For online press releases, you can insert clear pictures and short videos.
• Quotes from important people of the company give a press release weightage.
• Make sure that the contact person you are mentioning in the press release is available when the media contacts to him/her.

Business press releases must, well, mean business. They need to display professionalism and resist the urge to advertise in the face. Of course, you mean to promote your business but do so in a subtle manner.

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