Free Press Release Submission Sites: Why You Need Them

how to make a press release

Press release is an important piece of content. Unless you put it right, you won’t reap the benefits from it. So, it is essential to put together a press release, which has the right format, attracts journalists, and means business. Your content must give an impression to the journalist that your event is important.

Your work does not end here.

After you prepare a sensational piece, you must send it to the right people. What’s the use of sending an entertainment press release to journalists covering the automotive industry? A journalist dedicated to covering the food industry may not want to cover your book launch event, unless, of course, your book is on food.

So, it is important to send your press release to the right place.

Why not take the services of free press release submission sites? They are easily available and do a good job of submitting content to the relevant places thanks to their strong network.

No use creating a sensational piece unless you send it to the concerned person.

Well, your work still does not end here!

You must send your press release at the right time. If you miss this, you miss a lot of media coverage. Journalists are busy people. Their calendars are usually full. Sending a press release at the last moment isn’t impressive because the journalist won’t change their schedule for you, unless you are from the White House or your business has the power to move markets.

Catch your journalists when the time is right.

• If your event is of high importance, send the press release a couple of months before.
• If your event is of medium importance, send the press release a couple of weeks before.
• If you are a startup and about to launch your flagship product, again send the press release a month or two before.

In case you were unable to send your content well in advance, atleast make sure it is a few days before the event.

You must send your content to free press release submission sites well in advance, as they, too, would want to send it to the relevant media on time.

Simple press releases attract more attention.

The statement is true, even if you might feel you must use some heavyweight words to impress. The simplest words written to the point are the biggest attractors.

Say, you are a publishing house and about to launch a book by a new writer.

Remember, it’s a new writer, so the media may not come running to cover the book launch event. However, if you are an established house and known for your best-selling books, the media may not want to miss your event, even if it’s a new writer.

If you are a brand, your name is enough.

If not, you need to use words that create curiosity and ignite interest in your upcoming event.

In short, you must know how to make a press release spellbinding, so that the journalist just cannot ignore your event.

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