How to Make a Press Release Work Like Magnet to Attract Media?

How to Make a Press Release

What’s a piece of content that informs, yet does not tell the entire story? A press release! This is content meant to tease, to ignite interest, to throw a spark and turn into a sensation. This is no article or blog. But this can be a trigger for a journalist to write an article or a blog about your business or event.

That’s why it is important to know how to make a press release. Do you know a journalist receives innumerable press releases daily on their inbox? Why would they want to read yours? This is where you must make a difference, in a manner that the journalist is compelled to click at your press release and read it till the end.

Is it news or is it an announcement?

A press release is not meant to be created as a feature article or a news piece. It is basically meant to announce or, you can say, inform the media about an upcoming event. It is the media’s job to create news based on it.

Your job is to create a spellbinding press release that invites impressive media coverage and increases the chances of making your event a sensational success.

If we put it in one sentence: a press release is not the complete news, but just a news summary.

So, is it right to say that a press release is the tip of the iceberg and the real thing lies beneath? Yes!

How to make a press release enticing?

Your content should be written in a manner that a busy journalist can read it quickly and get the crux of it. You must create an eye-catching headline. The first paragraph should be equally spellbinding. Once these two are done, the rest falls into place.

Do not bother much about writing details. But you can certainly insert interesting images or short videos in case of the digital press release. Whatever you do, remember: keep your press release short and crispy. Anything that seems never-ending can land into the trash.

Don’t forget to include relevant contact numbers and email addresses at the end. The media people may want to contact you for details. You must be available to respond.

Diluting the press release formula?

The internet may have diluted the formula of a typical press release. Today, you may find press releases that spill the beans, i.e., tell the entire story and serve as a news article themselves. You might want to do the same. It comes with risks.

If your story does not create enough interest, the journalist may drop it altogether.

The safe way is to maintain suspense. Give only a glimpse and let the journalist want to see the whole picture. They will contact you.

Wondering where exactly to submit your press release to invite media attention? Contact-free press release submission sites. They are also known for their wide network. They can send your press releases to the relevant places, even far off places where you can expect to find newer audience. Sounds interesting, right?

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