Press Releases Still Matter During These Covid-19 Pandemic Times

creating a press release

Creating a press release that is appropriate in the time of Covid-19 can be a challenging task.

In these uncertain times when people are in a state of utmost anxiety, you must draw a line between the need to communicate about your brand without turning up as a company trying to capitalize on this difficult situation.

It is no wonder several press release distribution services are issuing guidelines for companies.

They are refusing stories that:

• have the main aim to profit or are attempting to make unmerited profits during these Covid-19 pandemic times.
• are advertising products not directly connected with this situation.

You can think out-of-the-box or write stories relevant to the present situation.

Perhaps you can offer educational based training.

You can offer niche courses aligned with your domain. They can be informative and useful. The courses can be concurrently educational without trying to be overtly promotional.

It is also time to look at the global perspective.

You have technological advances at your fingertips. Go beyond regional and national.

Is it possible to get organic traffic from different countries?

Yes. You can if you are able to translate your content.

There are millions of speakers of popular languages such as Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Malay, French, and more.

You may have to do more than just translate the content. You must also optimize them so that it is adapted well to the specific market.

Other aspects of press release distribution remain the same as were during pre-covid times.

Look for a service that has a smart distribution system that is crafted for beginners as well as experienced marketers.

If it is an online service it must offer a wide database with access to hundreds of journalists.

But to be effective, the system must send your story only to those journalists that are interested in your industry sector.

It must focus and narrow down targeting to specific geographical locations. The more exacting you are with this approach, the better are your chances of coverage.

With all this effort put in, the question could be how to evaluate if your story really went viral or not.

Of course, the result will depend on your objectives.

Your objective could be link building, publicity with mainstream media, overall increase in search traffic, or even getting to Google news.

If your story has been picked up by mainstream media, find out how prominent the sites that featured your story are.

Good press release distribution services usually provide clients with inclusive information of websites that have picked up your story.


You need to measure your conversion rate.

Users may have read your story and clicked on the link contained in it. How did they respond to it?

Did they make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or download something?

You can make use of Google Analytics and check where the traffic is coming from.

Even during these corona virus times, you must focus on conversion rates.

After all, conversions are indication that your target audience is genuinely moving towards your sales funnel.

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