Press Release Announcement During COVID-19 Pandemic Times

Press Release Announcement

A press release is a tool to announce something newsworthy in the most objective manner. The whole idea is to get wide media coverage and be noticed by the targeted audience. Is it easy to get media coverage? It certainly is not. Just any event or story is not newsworthy. Those experienced in spinning out … Continue reading

Addressing Key Distribution Issues before Creating a Press Release

Creating a Press Release

Your enterprise can adopt a wide gamut of online marketing tools to establish your presence across different platforms. Among all online initiatives that help you reach your target audience, a press release is probably the most cost-efficient and effective tool. Since a news release is not a paid advertisement, readers are likelier to appreciate the … Continue reading

Cheap Press Release Distribution Sites: They can Make You a Sensation!

Cheap Press Release Distribution Sites

People usually believe the toughest part is to create a press release. Nope. The toughest part is to distribute it to relevant places. You might be left holding a shiny new press release with nowhere to go. So, even before you sit to create your precious piece of content, know where to send it. Cheap … Continue reading