Press Release Announcement During COVID-19 Pandemic Times

Press Release Announcement

A press release is a tool to announce something newsworthy in the most objective manner. The whole idea is to get wide media coverage and be noticed by the targeted audience.

Is it easy to get media coverage?

It certainly is not. Just any event or story is not newsworthy.

Those experienced in spinning out news releases say there is an art to this neglected craft.

Smart word selection can catapult a seemingly drab announcement into being considered “breakthrough” news.

But do not jump to the conclusion that just by adding a few tempting words you can make even a drab story turn into a big news splash.

The facts presented must be well researched and the subject must be ones that interest everyone.

The competition for meager media attention is fierce so you cannot expect to just drop your story and expect it to be picked by the media.

In addition to making a narration compelling, the other attention grabbers include:

• Exclusivity
• Compelling research data
• Inclusion of photos graphics and videos
• Comments by industry experts and influencers

When the press release announcement is done right, it can be extremely beneficial to a company or business.

On the other hand, there are blunders like self-promotion that you must stay clear of if you want your audience to trust you.

Even though the press release is primarily about you it never really must revolve around your business or brand.

It is all about the audience.

• How does the news benefit them?
• How does the new launch solve their problems?
• How will the change in your management affect your company performance and in turn benefit the public?

If your press release is truly newsworthy the readers will yearn for more details. Readers will want to move from the release to your website to get more information about your announcement.

Include a link to your website and any other source of information that is useful.

These are COVID-19 pandemic times. So be careful while you craft a story for the press release.

Press releases are primary sources of information that are cross-checked for authenticity and analyzed critically.

We are living in challenging times. This pandemic crisis is dominating many aspects of our daily lives.

With the media busy giving blanket coverage of corona virus pandemic related news, it has become a challenge on how to engage with media relations.

Therefore, it makes good sense to be practical and not be overtly promotional.

Whether you are in healthcare, technology, or industrial sector, keep in mind that we are dealing with COVID-19 that is either slowing down or shutting businesses.

The media is primarily interested on how COVID-19 has affected businesses and employees.

Regardless of whether you are disseminating your release via paid channels or free press release sites, it is important that the story must include a few words about corona virus that inform and add to our national response.

Media has shifted its focus on stories relevant to the current situation. Therefore, it is pertinent that your release must align to the COVID-19 crisis in some form or the other.

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