Use The Best Press Release Submission Websites To Boost The Impact of Your News

Best Press Release Submission Websites

If you think press releases are outdated and do not pack the same effectiveness and punch as it did in the past, you need some heavy tutoring about modern digital marketing techniques. Press releases are a critical component of marketing today. Of course, it has come a long way from its previous form but the … Continue reading

Why A Press Release Service Is The Best Way To Spread The News About Your Brand

Press Release Service

A press release, by definition, is an official news story released by an organization to announce an important development to those who are following your brand. However, over the years, the role of a press release has transformed dramatically. It is now a powerful marketing tool and an indispensable component of the marketing strategy of … Continue reading

How To Submit A Press Release To Top PR Agencies And Create A Positive Image For Your Brand

How To Submit A Press Release

A press release of 2020 is enormously different from a press release of yesteryears in terms of utility and application. They still remain a powerful public relations tool but over the years a press release has become an indispensable element of digital marketing. It is used for online and offline media relations as well. A … Continue reading

Relevance of Global Press Release Distribution during Covid-19 Pandemic

Global Press Release Distribution

Online platforms such as social media channels, news sites, and internet-enabled interactive apps have been exceptionally busy during the current Covid 19 pandemic period. This can be attributed to the stringent regulations enforced by governments such as lockdown, travel restrictions, and safe distancing norms. Challenges of Covid 19 The growing global press release distribution can … Continue reading