How To Ensure Your Press Releases Get Noticed During These Covid-19 Times

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Press releases during these Covid-19 pandemic days have new responsibilities.

During this crisis the media is the primary source of information. The information shelled out is analyzed critically and well thought-out opinions are offered.

Any global press release distribution service is basically a dispenser of stories.

Moreover, newsworthy information is, in any case, at the heart of journalism.

And when the corona virus pandemic has spread its tentacles everywhere, many agencies hide facts, so the job gets tougher for even the best among the online press release services.

Press release services do have guidelines to use the right terminologies and language so that they do not lose sight of the context in which news is reported.

After all, today we are living in a new world – adjusting to the pandemic in every possible way.

We have reinvented our daily lives from work, to education to entertainment.

Travel is banned, schools are closed, and people are not allowed to gather in large groups.

The upshot of all this is we have turned to the digital mode to maintain some semblance of normality.

Does this mean there is really nothing newsworthy to report now?

Not necessarily.

A company like Microsoft has announced that they will keep paying their hourly workers.

Google has established a Covid-19 fund and is allowing some of its staff and suppliers to take paid sick leave if they are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.

LinkedIn is opening up some learning courses free of charge.

Maybe there is some Covid-19 related news in your company too.

This is the time to communicate to your target audience what you are doing to help people in this crisis.

Now is the time when communication is more important than ever before because apart from ensuring that your staff and suppliers are safe, how you are handling the crisis can be a decisive factor on the way your business will thrive post Covid-19.

The strategy must be to curb panic and support economic activity in whichever way possible.

Structuring a press release even during normal times is challenging business.

But these are times of immense uncertainty. So whichever story you want to publish must be extra sensitive and sympathetic.

We are living in pandemic times and every activity we did before must be managed differently now.

The way you are operating your public relations strategy is vitally important for your reputation now and in the days to come.

There are some things you can do.

Leverage social media more than ever before.

Most people are now in the “Stay at home” mode. They are glued to their laptops and smartphones and they are also feeling isolated, uncertain, and scared.

Avoid too much of product publicity unless it is specifically related to Covid-19 safety.

You can tell your audience any ongoing issues you are facing because of this pandemic and how you are effectively handling them.

Lace your stories with informative, thought-leadership content that can serve your brand.

Sooner or later, this pandemic will end, but during these lean times reassess your objectives and strategies so that you will be able to rebuild your business in a meaningful way.

Keep in mind that global press release distribution services are very discerning at the moment while deciding what must be published.

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