How to Submit Press Release to Google?

submit press release to google

One of the hottest questions doing the rounds amongst business marketers is: “How to submit a press release to Google?” This giant search engine has won laurels. Businesses want to see their press release here.

However, unless you are a news site owner, you cannot simply publish a press release individually. You must submit your precious piece of content to a news website first and they would publish it to Google. The major search engine would then pick the news from reputable news sites.

You must meet the exceptional quality standards set by this giant search engine. Apart from this, you must submit your press release to a news site that meets the stringent standards of the search engine.

How to submit?

You need not worry about the submission of press releases. In fact, you need not worry about writing one because there are experts available for the job. Reputable press release distribution services also provide writing and editing services. You may be a pro in business, but it is not necessary that you are a pro in writing press releases. Simply contact the sites dedicated to writing, distributing, and submitting content.

Think they are costly?

Well, you are wrong. Most reputable websites prove to be friendly to your pocket. A little extra spent on distribution and submission of your valuable content goes a long way in giving your business the much-needed promotion.

Benefits of using news websites

The powerful SEO strategies deployed by the news website ensures that your press release ranks high in major search engines like Google.

So, if you are vying for the “Google dream,” you better contact one of the most reputable news websites dedicated to giving your press release the “star treatment.”

Such sites choose news channels and sites relevant to your business. The idea is to create the deepest impact on your event or product launch. They cover local, regional, national, and international news sites and some of the most popular TV channels and radio stations. They also target online news blogs. You can expect your press release to get the maximum coverage.

That’s not all. They also measure the press release’s success! Yes, you can actually know how your precious content fared. Reputable press release distribution websites offer transparent methods and advanced mechanisms to track the progress of your press release. This gives you a fair idea of what your content has accomplished for your business.

So, if you are looking for real success, for exposing your brand to newer audiences at a wider level, you must get associated with press release distribution websites. They let you submit press release free. Google may not notice individually submitted press releases, but it can certainly not ignore killer content published by websites of high repute.

So, don’t just sit there wondering what to do of your well-written press release. Also, this isn’t the time for trial and error. Your business reputation is at stake. Choose only the best. Let your business shine on the international front. Don’t just submit your press release to Google; let it rank high and steal the limelight.

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