Press Release for New Business: Is The Inverted Pyramid Style Best?

press release for new business

Started a new business? You must be excited to publish a press release announcing your arrival in the world of business. Don’t forget to use the basic knowledge of writing a spellbinding press release amidst the excitement.

The press release is important for new businesses. It can give your business the much-needed publicity, grab a wider audience, and promote your brand.

The Inverted Pyramid

The Inverted Pyramid (IP) style is one of the most preferred styles to createing a press release. Editors love it. Content written in this style is easy to edit and review.

Benefits of this style

An editor can easily chop off text from the bottom part, if necessary due to lack of space. The chopping won’t affect your content because you have already mentioned important details at the top and the middle.

Looking through the audience’s perspective, it is easy to read a piece of news when written in an IP style. A reader can quickly decide whether the piece is worthy of reading further. Also, if a reader has too little time to read the whole piece, he or she can simply read the top part and get the necessary information.

Pyramid from top to bottom

The Lead:

The lead consists of the most important information about your event. It should contain the 5 W’s – Who, What, Where, When, and Why or How.

• Who is organizing the event? Or Who you are
• What is the event about? Or What the audience can expect at the event
• Where is the event organized? It could also be online
• When is the event? You must give the date and time
• Why is the event being organized? Or Why somebody must attend it. Or how will the event benefit the reader of your press release or the community in general?

Please write in a manner that it looks more like news than an advertisement. Your press release is an announcement of something you are about to do. Having a sales pitch can kill it. Be subtle in promoting your brand.

The Body:

The body consists of details of the lead information. Here, you can also insert short videos, images, quotes from top management, or some interesting anecdote relevant to your event.

You have already seized the attention of the audience through the lead. Now, you retain the attention by elaborating.

The Tail:

The tail consists of any extra information you may like to give. It also contains contacts of people whom the media can call or email.

Please remember that you must send a press release for new business on your company letterhead. Your content should be properly formatted. Be careful about the margins, line spacing, and grammar. Put your company name and address, contact numbers, email IDs, and website URL at the upper left corner.

Mention the release date just below your company’s contact details. Add words “Form Immediate Release” to leave no doubt about the content’s release. In case you are sending the content to a single news source, mention the word “Exclusive,” along with the source’s name in the release date section.

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