Craft Your Press Release For Effective Branding & Superior Credibility

creating a press release

A press release is a tool created to announce something newsworthy in the most effective manner.

The basic objective is that your story must get wide coverage and get noticed by the target audience.

If you are a newbie this may sound simple.

But it is not.

The whole business of crafting a press release and distributing it is tricky and often misunderstood by even the PR people.

Nonetheless, a point to note is that a press release is not only an advertising tool but also a means to communicate what is going on in your company.

To do this in the best possible manner your press release must get media attention from journalists who find your story interesting.

When media picks up your story and targets it in the right manner your business will get the boost it deserves.

You must keep in mind one more aspect – and that is the importance of sharing the release on social media.

How to Choose The Best Press Release

The best press release service does it very well because it does not ignore social media.

Social media has transformed the impact a release can have on your business by its vast outreach.

It offers you an opportunity to reach and engage an entirely new spectrum of audience and accelerate your following.

When you include links in your press release that provide additional information about your business or products and share it on social media the likelihood of readers interacting with you greatly increases.

And to get more traction make your story interesting by including the content with video and images

Yes, it may cost you extra money to include media in your press release.

Think about whether it is worth the extra spending.

Studies say a press release with pictures and videos have exponentially more chances of being picked up by the media than a story without one.

A free press release submission service may not offer you this feature. But if a video can greatly add value to your content do not hesitate to get the services of the best press release service in the market.

But make sure your story is newsworthy.

It must be released at the right time and should be relevant to the type of audience on the social media platform.

Some of the common reasons why businesses issue a press release are:

  1. A new product/ service launch
  2. Notable mergers and acquisitions
  3. Achieving milestones
  4. Live events
  5. Change in guard at top levels
  6. Clarifications on product complaints

Calls to action

When you craft the press release you may be thinking only of the media.

While doing so you may be overlooking an opportunity to gain extra traffic.
Do not miss it.

Include a call to action (CTA) to achieve your desired goals.

There are several ways you can do it. The CTA can be:

• To “Learn more” – This will provide inquisitive readers with more information about your business/ brand
• A “limited time offer” – Scarcity is a powerful persuader. You can leverage scarcity by making only a limited number of products available with an attractive introductory price, or include a promotional offer
• A straightforward invitation to engage – For example an invitation to sign up for a weekly newsletter can influence the reader to engage and connect with your business.

To get the best out of your story make the press release a branding and credibility tool.

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