2 Essential Things to Consider When Sending a Press Release

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It’s nice to have a well-written press release on your table or desktop, waiting to create the breaking news.

However, a press release doesn’t just reach the media and become an overnight sensation. You must strategize the release of your content.

If sent at the wrong time and to the wrong people, your press release might simply end up in the trash.

So, if you are unsure how and where to send your content, it is better to contact an affordable press release distribution service and let the professionals handle your content.

Things to consider while sending a press release

Consider two important things:

  1. Who to send your press release
  2. When to send your press release

1. Who to send your press release

Suppose you are into the wellness industry and your press release is on the webinar you are about to conduct on ‘How to increase productivity while you work from home.’

Does it make sense to send this press release to people who work on-site?

You might have a huge database of customers from various strata of society. It is best to send your webinar information to people who are working from home to companies who have scheduled work-from-home days for their employees, and those who are planning to.

Certain jobs like those in law enforcement, health care, and manufacturing sectors cannot be done from home.

So, choose your audience accordingly.

Also, send your press release to the relevant journalists who cover your industry.

Guess what?

Your press release should reach all those work-from-home moms who must juggle between family and work.

Your webinar can be a huge success, if the right audience attends it and when the relevant media covers it and makes it the news. In other words, it is best to send your press release to people who are interested in your event and those who can benefit from it.

Press release submission sites are pros in considering these factors.

2. When to send your press release

Suppose your event is on Oct 30. You send the press release on Oct 28.

A disaster.

If your event is on Oct 30, you must send your press release latest by Oct 15. It’s even been if you send it in the first week of October.

Journalists are busy people. They like to schedule their calendars. This makes it easier for them to perform tasks. If your press release pops up at the last minute, they may be unable to spare time to cover your event even if they are interested.

It’s your loss.

Always send a press release sufficiently in advance to let journalists mark their calendars and prepare for covering your event.

The best day

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days.

The best time

Between 10 am and 2 pm is the best time, as it is found that journalists check most of their emails during this time.

Hiring an affordable press release distribution site can take off the ‘headache’ of how and when to send your press release. They are experts in the job. You can expect your content to reach the right people at the right time.

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