Get Approved As A Google News Source And Ramp Up Your Brand Reputation

seo press release distribution

What is the right PR strategy?

It is more than just press release distribution with an objective to announce a newsworthy event like the launch of a new product, or to raise brand awareness.

To run an extremely effective PR campaign, you must walk the extra mile.

After all, you need to attract decisive media attention, enhance sales substantially, and build a positive relationship between your organization and the public in the long run.

With social media and blogging, you now have innovative ways to seek attention.

Start-ups were smart. They focused solely on growth. They developed their own smart strategies for getting media attention and on how to reach out to the target audience.

The approaches they used include SEO press release distribution tactics with a primary focus on content marketing.

Why content marketing?

The answer is because this is the best way forward.

But there is a caveat.

You will succeed only if you create visible content.

The content will be visible only if it gets published on major platforms or is supported by influencers.

This is the primary reason why effective content marketing needs Public Relations.

Public relations can create a powerful campaign that will reach out to the right audience.

So how do you add a PR strategy to your content marketing?

You must hire professional expertise.

Yes, professionals can submit press releases to Google News.

Google News can be a game-changer for you because you will reap several benefits including the capacity to drive website traffic.

Google’s news aggregator garners news from more than 50,000 sources globally, thus providing you a decisive edge.

To get inclusion in Google News, you must optimize your website and content through Google News SEO – a niche discipline that is mandatory if you want to become one of the approved news sources.

Google News algorithms work on which story to display based on user interest and location and the source’s importance, trustworthiness, originality, and usability.

To eliminate the visibility of ambiguous information, Google is now placing more emphasis on presenting authoritative results over the newest or even the most relevant.

This is because the need to ensure trust in information is vital.

Google News ensures the story is accurate and the content of high quality while concurrently eliminating the flow of misinformation.

Once your story is included in Google News, it signifies that your company is trustworthy and authoritative because Google has put in place rigorous standards.

Inclusion in Google News will get several benefits

  • Your story will appear in search results in a quick time – much faster than other websites. This is especially advantageous when you want an important news event to appear fast.
  • The chances of users engaging with your content can become high if you publish great content. Google will presume users like to read “more stories like this” and display additional content from your website on a regular basis.

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