Is Using Free Press Release Submission A Good Move?

Free Press Release Submission

A press release is great for connecting with the media and making your brand presence felt among the journalists, influencers, and bloggers associated with your industry. Don’t view a press release as merely an information-sharing tool. It’s more powerful than that. However, you must know how to get your press release distribution right to maximize the benefits of using a PR.

Free Submissions Can Save Money But There Are Downsides

There are many ways of sharing a press release. You can use the services of an agency that allows free press release submission on select media platforms and news channels or use a premium or paid distribution service for a wider reach. The latter is recommended if your goal is to give your brand more reach and visibility.

Before we dive into the distribution part, it is important to know how to put your press release together. A press release is unlike any other marketing tool. It must be written using a specified format and must definitely not sound promotional in the least. Your PR must be about a recent development in your business or the industry and must be newsworthy. It can be about a new product/service launch, an upcoming event, a recent appointment, or a path-breaking development.

Know-How To Reach To a Wider Audience

The goal of any press release is to share the right information, in a timely manner, with a highly targeted audience.

When you choose a free press release submission option, you might save some money, but it is possible that you might achieve none of your PR objectives.

A paid release will cost you money but will deliver impressive returns through better reach, greater visibility, and getting your message across quickly and accurately to your readers across the world.

Many organizations prefer using online press release submission sites for the sheer convenience it offers. They will have well-established contacts and channels on which your press release can be released simultaneously.

You don’t have to worry about contacting the relevant journalists or media contacts. They will take care of all that and more.

You can even find a cheap press release distribution service, willing to publish your PR on the leading online and offline media resources at a price that fits easily in your marketing budget.

Benefits of Using a Reputed PR Distribution Service

Another key advantage of using the services of a reputed press release distribution agency is that they add more value to your press release by ensuring that it meets the guidelines of various mediums and media platforms.

This is very important as it can ensure that your press release reaches the intended audience and does not land in the spam folders.

A reputed PR distribution agency will also provide analytical tools that can measure the performance of your press release on several parameters.

They will also provide you details of the sites where your PR is published and other vital data that can help you make informed decisions for your future releases.

The best one can leverage your PR for higher online visibility and ensure an increase in organic traffic to your website.

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