Press Releases Still Matter – Only the Approach Has Changed

press release for new business

A press release announcement is an important part of any company’s business strategy.

It is an official story delivered to journalists or members of news media for the purpose of disseminating newsworthy information related to your company. This can be launch of a new product, an important event or change in leadership.

A press release for any new business is the quickest way to get publicity at low cost.

If you get scores of articles published about your business and brand, it can mean new customers contacting you and a good possibility that they would buy your products/service.

The ubiquity of internet use, specifically search engines such as Google, seems to be accelerating the decline of print media as an important source of information.

“There is waning interest in newspapers,” says a public relations official.
The reasons are not far to seek.

The internet’s superior ability to circulate news in real time has fundamentally transformed the way press releases are written and spread.

Online news feeds that transmit news in quick time have put a premium of quality writing.

New businesses must not ignore this aspect.

There are tens of thousands of new businesses starting each month.

Even if you have an exciting story to announce, you are facing serious competition.

But this can be confronted if you know-how.

Today’s high technology era has created a level playing field. This should be good news even for start-ups.

With a good strategy in place, you can even compete with top guns in the business.

So keep in mind the following 2 keys to success

  1. Structure an exceptional angle to your story that editors and journalists will find interesting.
  2. Use a press release service that effectively distributes your story to your target audience.

As a start-up, do not forget an important aspect. Any press release for new business must have a “track your release” feature.

This means you must come to know how many times your story has been read, and which media outlets have received your release.

Getting readership can be a bit challenging in these corona virus pandemic times.

But there is no need to fret.

If the whole world is focused on Covid-19 news, it means more people are hooked on to the internet and digital media to assimilate information.

So this can be an excellent opportunity for you to increase your online exposure.

Nevertheless, you must be extra careful and thoughtful about what you want to tell people.

If your business is still open, inform your audience because this news will tell people your products are still being rolled out.

An additional line or two informing people of how your company is sticking to Covid-19 safety protocols will provide assurance to sales reps desirous of visiting your company.

Some media outlets have strict instructions on what and what not to approve during these corona virus pandemic times.

Trying to leverage this situation to make unfair profit is one. Trying to promote a brand/service that is counterproductive during this sensitive time is another.

Think of innovative ways your press release can drive traction even during these Covid-19 times.

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