A Few Pointers To Get Traction For Your Press Release

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If you are a newbie in business or a start-up, a good press release can help boost your company and brand name even on a low budget.

Of course big names can afford to hire reputable press release firms to help them get the right audience attention.

But this should not dissuade you from reaching out to your target audience even on a shoe-string budget.

All that is needed is a smart and a right tactic.

And the best trick is a targeted approach instead of floating your story to all and sundry.

The first step obviously is to know your audience.

There may be plenty of journalists that could be interested in your domain business, and that right way to kick start is to find out who may be so.

You can search for publications on the internet that have written stories similar to what you have in mind and you may contact them to see if they would help you take your story forward.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are great resources to expand your customer base and they are also wonderful platforms to build relationships with the media.

If you want to submit press release free there are several online tools that allow you post your story on the website.

But keep in mind that your release must be in the right format.

Follow the well-accepted format that includes:

• Headline
• Sub headline
• Body consisting of a couple of paragraphs
• Boilerplate
• Contact information

Journalists are a discerning lot. They will keep a hawk’s eye on grammar, the right prose, and AP style. If you are off the mark, your story may end up in the trash box.

Importance of a headline

With millions of posts published on the internet daily, getting attention is not going to be easy.

Sadly there seems to be a lot of confusion of what constitutes a good headline.

It is true that other elements of the release are important but if the headline does not grab attention, the reader will not go ahead with the body of your story and ignore your calls for action.

To structure a great headline:

• Understand your audience.
• Get to know what they care about.
• Understand why they want to read your story.
• Learn what does and does not deliver results.

To make your headline classy, make sure you understand your market and have a good understanding of the competitive edge you have in the market.
But this alone will not be enough.

A stale headline may appear newsworthy but will not persuade people to read more.

It requires skill to craft an elevator headline that says a lot about your company and also what your story is about.

There are scores of online press release services and some may be free. However, getting noticed is not cheap.

Research well to know where you can get more value for your buck. After all, you would also like to spruce up your press release with videos, graphics, hyperlinks, and more.

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