How to Make Your Press Release Sound and Look Important?

creating a press release

Before we go any further talking about creating a press release or a service, let’s talk about what this much-talked-about piece of content is not.

It is not a guaranteed tool of marketing. Many businesses mistake it to be. And they expect “the moon” from it.

An old wise saying goes, “never put all your eggs in one basket.”

When it comes to marketing, refrain from putting all your energy and resources on one tool. So, you can say, press release is one of the baskets in which you can put some of your marketing eggs in. And it’s an important basket; yet, not the ultimate one.

So while you go on pursuing your marketing goals through other tools, press release marketing can help you amass publicity. This can push your business to newer heights.

Journalists are hungry for news, but not famished

It is true journalists want news. It’s their job. They thrive on news. Yet, they still won’t jump at any news that comes their way. No.

They are hungry; not starved.

And they are busy.

So, wisdom says:

  • Make your press release worthy enough to be made into news
  • Keep your press release short and interesting
  • Follow a structure that makes your content appear professional

Enter the office of a journalist. Spend some time with him/her. You will be stunned. They are time-pressed. They receive heaps of information every day, including press releases, invites, and more. They must filter the information and keep only the important ones.

If your press release does not sound or look important, it is trash for a journalist.

Tips to make your press release sound and look important

  • Avoid beating around the bush. Spill the beans in the first para itself. If the journalist does not figure out what your press release is about by the third or fourth sentence, they won’t read further.
  • No language mistakes please. If you misspell or use incorrect grammar, you create a poor impression no matter how great your product or event is. When it comes to creating a press release, a reputable service says, no mercy in language here.
  • Get your content checked. Think you are a splendid writer? The problem is every writer thinks so! It’s hard to catch mistakes in your own content. Let somebody else have a look at it.
  • Never use first or second person. Write a press release in the third person, always. Only quotes have first or second person.
  • Make sure you put a boilerplate at the end of the press release. It talks about your company, contact numbers, contact person, address, email ID, website, and other such important details. If a journalist wants to contact you, he/she will look at the boilerplate.

Avoid these:


Unless it’s about Joe Biden or the new Coronavirus strain, it’s no breaking news. So, do away with those fluffy words. Be straightforward.

Exclamation marks:

It’s true you are excited about your event or product. But, people do have more exciting things to do in their lives. Ever noticed an exclamation mark in any news article of the Wall Street Journal? Contain your excitement. Be formal.

Having problems creating a press release? Contact a service.

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