Press Release Writing and Distribution: Elements and Tips

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Why is there so much fuss about press release writing and distribution? Well, in this world of media exposure and online networking sites, this little piece of text can take your business to places. It can offer first-page visibility to your keywords in a relatively short time. Your product or service can feature on the first page of major search engines like Google.

Elements of a press release

Press release is a tool used in public relations to gain favorable media attention towards the client’s product, service, or event. If you wish to announce a press conference, corporate gathering, award function, exhibition, launch of a new product line or service, sales offer, special offers, and others, you use press releases to let the concerned people know about the upcoming event.

A press release is made up of:

  • Title: must contain your keywords
  • Summary: tell what your press release contains in short, using secondary keywords here
  • Body: a subjective description (in third person) about what you are about to do, in case of event or some ceremony, or what you have to offer, in case of new product or service. Use your keywords here, but remember not to stuff them willy-nilly.
  • About your company: write a line or two about your business. You can give links to your homepage. This is the place to put in a touch of “sales pitch,” but remember, only a touch.
  • Press contact: give the name, address, phone number, and email of the contact – a person who will be constantly in touch with the media to update them and be a fine representative of your company.

The last one is important. You must designate a reliable and competent person in your company who can handle the media with ease. Most websites publishing releases don’t encourage press release writing and distribution service without proper contact info. You can also hire one of the best pr writing services for better results.

More things to remember…

  • Make your press release easily available online. This can be done by the correct use of keywords. Know which search words your customers use. Include them in the title, summary, and body of your text.
  • Online press releases have the potential to draw a huge audience, as the web world is a place where people from all walks of life and parts of the world visit.
  • Ensure that you follow the standard format of press releases. Publishers, whether online or print, are particular about format. They prefer text that is perfectly organized and professional to the core.

Smart tip

Add a newsroom page to your website. Archive your press releases here. This gives your website a more legitimate appearance and helps to draw more web traffic. By doing this, you mean business; and this is what serious buyers look for. They are not here to have fun, but to perform profitable business deals. Be the one to give them what they want through proper press release submission.

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