You Can Submit Press Release Free But That Might Not Be a Good Option

Press Release Distribution Sites

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digitalized, the value of a press release for your business cannot be undermined simply because it is one of the oldest mediums of news sharing. With the value of inbound links increasing significantly in recent times, the press release has gained importance as a powerful inbound link generator.

However, for your press release to generate the desired results, it is important to create and distribute your PR in the right manner. Unlike other online marketing, a press release must be developed and presented in a specific format and style to be accepted for publishing and distribution by the appropriate agencies.

For Enhanced Visibility and Reach, a Paid Service Is the Right Option

You can submit press release free or choose an appropriate PR distribution plan based on your visibility needs and budget. By choosing the right press release, you can achieve the objectives of your press release. A free press release distribution plan may not help achieve your reach and visibility goals as the distribution is limited to a smaller number of sites. Your press release might even get posted on platforms that are of no value to your business or industry.

If you want your press release to reach your targeted audience across the world and on all the channels and media resources relevant to your business, you must choose the services of a reputed press release distribution agency. This will ensure that your PR gets distributed to the news resources where you are most likely to find your audience. With free press release submission sites, you cannot create such an impact.

Why Experts Recommend The Best PR Distribution Platform

Experts endorse the use of a reputed and proven press release distribution agency for a variety of reasons.

  • It can help increase the online visibility of your brand
  • You can attract more visitors to your business website
  • You can benefit from the additional features such as social media tagging, and publishing of the news on various offline resources

A paid PR distribution service can take care of every aspect of your digital marketing strategy done using a PR. The best ones will even write the press release for you and make sure that it is crafted in a format that finds ready acceptance among editors and journalists covering your type of business and industry.

Startups and new businesses looking for a pocket-friendly way of gaining online exposure can submit press release free through an agency that offers such services. Free PR distribution is also an option for the distribution of news that is less relevant for your business. You want to publish it simply to get it on record, and it doesn’t make a difference to your business if media outlets do not pick the news up.

Max Newswire is one of the leading press release writing and distribution services. You won’t be able to submit press release free here, but you can certainly find PR distribution plans that fit within your limited budget. Choose Max Newswire instead of looking for free press release distribution sites. You can find a plan that fits your press release distribution goals and budget.

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