A Few Good Tips To Make Your Press Release A Compelling Read

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If you are keen to let your word out about your company, a press release is the best way out.

But then you must also know what stimulates readers.

True, you will be choosing one among the best free press release distribution sites to start with.

Good text is essential – there is no any doubt about it. And then we are presuming your story is newsworthy.

But to set you apart in this internet era, visual content must play a key role in your marketing strategy.

They say more than half the visitors on the web are visual learners.

It is believed almost the entire information that people consume is via visual content.

So it makes good sense to include visual content in your press release.

Come to think of it, Facebook posts that contain visual content get far more likes and comments than regular text posts.

Tweets with pictures are much more likely to be re-tweeted.

Here are a few points to make note of if you are planning to make your story go viral via one of the top press release distribution sites.

For press releases, make use of high-resolution images. When you are sending promotional email to journalists or editors include a photo preview that downloads quickly.

If you are planning to include videos then go ahead by all means.

Videos without any doubt are a marvelous storytelling medium.

With a video you can include content that superbly aligns with your company story which is difficult to narrate with text alone.

Here is a useful tip

Do not be daunted with the prospect of making a professional type video. A simple but effective one created even with your cell phone can do the trick.

Do not host a video that is a large file. You can upload your story on YouTube. This strategy helps in loading faster and will involuntarily generate previews on social media.

Use of infographic

Use of infographic in your press release is a great idea to make your story effective to consume by the audience. This is especially so when making a B2B press release.

A business release tends to be text-heavy. When you are aiming for the consumer to digest content easily, an infographic can be much easier for the audience to digest than sifting through an entire text.

Infographic clearly elucidates even the most complex issues allowing you to put your point across more effectively.

Including infographic adds value to a business’s newsworthy story. If you craft a press release just to prep up SEO, it can be frowned upon but your content will be picked up by high quality outlets if it is made compelling by top class videos, images, and infographic.

Keep in mind that it is erroneous to believe free press release submission sites are below par. Some of them are ranked highly and have exceptional traffic numbers and inbound links compared to competitors.

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