How to Make Press Release Distribution Easier and Result-Oriented?

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Looking to distributing your press release? Distribution is a crucial step. Your press release must reach the right audience to create the intended impact.

To put it in simple words, press release distribution involves the following easy steps:

  • Contact relevant media people who may be interested in your event.
  • Create a killer pitch.
  • Send your press release to them at the right time.
  • Follow-up with them.

Sounds easy, right?

Yet, so many press releases find their places in trash daily. While some are
“lucky” enough to be seen or read by journalists, they still fail to make an impact. Journalists do not attend the event the press release talks about.

Only a few press releases fulfill their purposes.

So, if the steps of distribution sound so easy, where do press releases folly?

The folly lies not in the press release, but in its distribution. That’s why it is smart to contact professional press release distribution sites. They are more experienced than you in handling media contacts and sending content to relevant places.

They have a huge network and a talented team of professionals who are apt in turning content into gold.

It’s good to contact sites that are experts in finding relevant media for you. Why would you want to waste time and energy in doing this on your own when you have experts for the job?

Creating killer content is easier said than done

This may hold true for people who may not be much into writing; but to the professional writers, it is child’s play. Most press release sites for SEO have a team of seasoned writers and editors who leave no stone unturned to create killer content for you.

Then, why in the world would you want to sit with a pen and paper (or your tablet or laptop) to scribble (type) a few words when you have experts for the job?

Time is money

This adage applies well in case of press release distribution. This is because it is crucial to send your press release at the right time, lest you lose a lucrative opportunity.

Unless you are sure of the right time, it is smart to delegate the task of distributing your press release to professional services.

Why follow-up is important

Suppose you have a big event after three months. You have already sent a press release well in advance so that journalists can schedule their calendars accordingly. You cannot expect a journalist to remember your event in the third months. He or she may or may not.

A follow-up call or email can do the trick. This ensures you that the journalist remembers attending your event. You only need to give them a gentle reminder. It also shows that you are interested in the journalist attending your event.

Reputable press release distribution sites are apt in following all the necessary steps of distributing content. In fact, they may have more tactics to make your press release a successful endeavor. So, instead of doing it all alone, it’s wise to let experts come in to help you.

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