On Making Your Press Release Stand Out

press release submission service

Before you figure out which press release submission service to choose, it is important to make sure your content is well-crafted.

The subject of your story must essentially be newsworthy, and the narrative to the point.

Remember, good press releases are still relevant because they carry authority.

With a glut of information available on the internet, your audience needs trustworthy information.

Press releases are so, to all intents and purposes statements of a business, and admittedly convey credibility.

Your story thus can be a potential of portability – that is, it will be shared and quoted widely.

Therefore, it makes sense to choose a service that has a proven track record of attracting media attention.

Such a submission service has good reach through its ability to deliver news to thousands of individuals and companies.

Also do not forget the lead generation potential of a press release.

Lead generation hitherto has been the domain of public relations.

It is no longer so.

Your release can be a very valuable lead generation tool too. If it is widely shared because of the content’s credibility, your reach will go beyond the traditional set of audiences.

With its distinctive flavor, your story can do an outstanding job of finding an audience for you beyond conventional borders.

Distributing your release

Even the best crafted release needs a distribution service to get in front of a broad audience.

But can you submit press release free?

Yes, technically, you have a few options to do so, but their distribution capability is limited; and more often than not, publishes releases on newswires of doubtful quality.

Yet, if you are on a tight budget and are actively considering using a free press release submission service over a paid one, go ahead if you have weighed in all the pros and cons.

A free service can help you succeed, despite having limited outlets and no feature of performance reporting analytics.
But consider this.

If you need multimedia embedding or your story to be a video and social media release with also a performance tracking feature, you may not have any option but to shell out some serious money.

Yes, a few of the free services may have plans that allow a limited number of targeted industries, keyword optimization, and file attachment feature for a video or an image.

Nonetheless you may still need a paid service for the broader scope of its offerings.

The advantages of a paid press release submission service are several.

  • You can get your releases submitted to websites devoted to specific industries.
  • You can customize your release to media in a specific city, region, or country.
  • The service may even offer writing services for an extra consideration.
  • They can offer statistics that illustrate how many views your release had, where it appeared online, and weekly or monthly page views.

The chief drawback of a paid release is, even after spending money, you may not get the publicity you expected.

That is why it is important that your press release must stand out as being newsworthy. It must preferably be a current topic, with clear and explicable text, and with a well-thought out targeting strategy.

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