A Press Release Service Will Provide Your Story Traction

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For a small and medium enterprise owner, it is crucial to know how their customers view their brand or service.

Customers are influenced by online channels, social media posts, and even information dished out by Google search.

In such a scenario, a good press release service can help a lot by boosting a company’s online awareness, enhancing website traffic, and improving the target audiences’ reach.

Before you figure out how to select a good service from among various pr distribution sites, make sure your narrative is right.

Keep in mind that a press release is crafted to convey important and useful information to the press.

Journalists look for stories that are well written, forceful, and relevant to readers.

Get to the point straightaway

The public has low attention span. No one has any interest in reading a long prologue or elucidation of the past of your company.

Let the reader know in the first few lines why your story is newsworthy.

Keep the headline concise

Yet, it must convey the essence of your story in one line.

It is important to ensure that the headline must be a blend of ‘What’s in the news?’ along with a catchiness that will compel the reader to go beyond the headline and sub-headline.

It also has to contain a revelation element that evokes a response like, “I never knew this”.

Make your top line highly visible

While it is important to make a journalist open your email, it is equally imperative that your first sentence must grab them. If it does not, the journalists may not read further.

Think about your unique selling point.

  • Is the product you are launching the most innovative in its domain?
  • Has it any relevance to current interests among the public?

You must draw attention to how your news blends with the existing discussions.

The public likes to read stories that are on-trend.

Make use of the inverted pyramid style

An inverted pyramid refers to a narrative structure where the most important information is presented first.

Let the 5 Ws (Who, Where, Why, What and When) appear at the beginning of your release followed by supported details and boilerplate. A boilerplate is a short paragraph that briefly describes your company or business.

Use images to add a creative touch

Charts, graphics and other visual elements can make your pitch more compelling, more professional, and, in all probability, worthy of attention.

Ensuring your release gets published during these Covid-19 times

Creating a press release that catches the eye of journalists is not a cakewalk even during the best of times.

But during these pandemic times there is more to consider.

In addition to being informative by dispersing newsworthy stories, you must balance out the need of your company to make profit by staying relevant to present times.

Is your company adopting safe practices at workplaces for the staff as well as for customers?

With supply chains disrupted, several brick-and-mortar stores have pulled down the shutters.

Is your company offering digital experiences that are straightforward, intuitive, and dependable?

Such things cannot be ignored in these days of Covid-19.

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