How a Well-Written Press Release Can Boost Your Brand Image and Reach

A press release is a great way to get coverage across multiple media channels. Even in 2021 when there are numerous tech-driven ways of hitting your marketing goals accurately, companies have still not given up on the humble press release and there are very solid reasons for doing so.

A well-written press release can not only boost the credibility and trust of your brand but also helps in keeping you connected with a targeted audience. It is a proven and affordable way of improving your search engine rankings and driving organic traffic to your company website.

Writing a Press Release Is a Specialized Job

Writing a press release is different from writing other pieces of content. Every PR follows a specific format and that must be followed strictly to ensure its acceptance by the journalists and editors. Before you get to the writing part, you must choose the angle or a perspective that your story will take so that it can resonate with your audience. Knowing how to write a press release that connects with your audience is vital for its success. You must write, not only for the audience but for the journalists too.

Constructing a Press Release

When you are learning how to write a press release, you will realize that a press release has a unique structure. This is the commonly used structure to construct a press release.

  • A powerful headline that grabs the attention of readers
  • An introduction that focuses on the topic of the PR
  • A relevant quote from a senior professional of the organization
  • 2-3 paragraphs about the subject and general information about the organization
  • Contact details for interested parties to connect with you for more information
  • A boilerplate that acts as a business card

If you are writing a press release for the first time, it is recommended that you use the expertise of a press release distribution service. They will understand your needs better and create the perfect press release that can help connect better with your audience.

How to make PR services achieve your marketing goals? You can do it in many ways.

Press Release Benefits

A well-written press release can be especially good for new companies as it helps them establish a powerful presence online without having to spend their limited budget on costly ads and expensive marketing agencies.

A press release can also do wonders for your online reputation. It can help you take positive news about your enterprise to your targeted audience and improve your credibility. A press release can also help improve your search engine optimization efforts. While it may not drive up your SEO rankings directly, it can certainly improve rankings by appearing in organic searches. When picked up by a newspaper reporting your business or industry, your PR can gain a link or a like on social channels.

Choosing the right distributor for your press release is very important for its successful launch and extended reach. A professionally managed PR agency will make sure your press release features on all the key online and offline channels and media platforms relevant to your business.

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