Quick Guide on How to Write Press Release

Press release

Press releases are great tools to help businesses garner awareness and attention to their products or services, optimize their search engine results, build relationships, and create and expand their brand image.

Here is a quick guide on how to write press release that rocks.

1. Be newsworthy

Journalists love exclusives. Give them that. Write about an upcoming important event, the launch of a product or service, reshuffling in top management, the opening of a new branch or plant, winning an award, doing some charity, or anything that possesses the potential to make headlines.

And if something is viral on social media and you find out it is related to your niche, grab this opportunity to become visible.

And don’t forget the emotional connection.

2. Create eye-popping headline

What’s a press release without a headline that freezes readers in their reading tracks? It should be so compelling the journalist is left with no choice but to read what’s inside.

  • Be direct.
  • Use action verbs.
  • Arouse curiosity.

3. Be careful what you write in the lead

Your lead is the first part of your press release. It’s just 30-40 words. And these words will decide whether your press release is worth pursuing or suits trash. So, make sure you craft it well.

Journalists may not have time to read the whole thing. They would read your lead and get an idea of what you want to convey. If they find it interesting, they would keep you on the calendar.

Your lead must answer Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

4. Create an interesting body

The body of a press release is the part where you write details of your event. This is additional information, mind you. The main information you have already given in the lead.

This is also where you can insert short videos, images, or quotes from the CEO or other important person of the company to make your press release more interesting.

Don’t forget to use the inverted pyramid style:

  • Most important information
  • Important information
  • Additional information
  • Optional information

5. Boilerplate

This talks about your company. Write your vision, mission, and other such business details in a condensed manner here.

End your press release with contact details. The journalist must know where to reach you.

Press release submission

Now that you have written a killer press release, you must send it to journalists.

You can submit press release free at certain reputable sites that are dedicated to distributing content to a wider network.

This way, you are saved from the headache of finding contacts, sending them, and following up. You know your press release is in the hands of professionals who will send it to the right places.

Most of these services also offer writing and editing services. So, if you think your press release is not up to the mark, the experts can polish it.

The ultimate aim is to have content that creates a stir in the media. At the end of the day, journalists should find your event or news important enough to be covered in the best manner possible.

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