Maximize Your Reach & Coverage – A Press Release Can Do It

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Why is a press release important?

The answer is simple.

You need to inform the media about your company’s recent developments.

Via a press release you can let people know about new happenings in your company such as:

  • A product or service launch
  • Change in top management
  • A forthcoming business event

Effective press release distribution allows you to get covered on media sites, boost your company’s trust and credibility, and drive traffic to your website.

In addition, a well-crafted press release can improve your Google rankings.

And remember, your announcement must be newsworthy.

Yes, you want your name out there and you also know creating publicity will accomplish this.

But the task has to be done in the right manner.

So what constitutes as great news?

Your answer to this question hinges on your success.

Mind you, journalists are not interested in just any news. They are bombarded with press releases. Being a discerning lot, media persons choose only those stories that spark their interest.

If you want your news to be picked up, narrate a compelling story.

It can be:

  • Hiring a new top executive who has a record of accomplishments
  • Introducing a new product or service
  • Achieving a new milestone – it can be opening of your 50th branch or completing 25 years in business
  • Getting recognition from the government or industry circles for your contribution in your domain field

Yet, the story you plan to put out need not be earth-shattering news. As long as it is new & likely to be of interest to the public you are good to go.

Importance of your press release headline

Make no mistake – Your story headline makes a huge impact.

That is because the journalists will decide whether to read your story or confine it to junk based on your headline alone.

You must keep in mind that press releases are a major platform for marketing.

The best solution to create a classy headline is to make sure you understand your brand, audience, and market.

The perfect headline formula is not writing about how great your company or product is.

That will turn off the journalists.

Instead, write in a few words how important the news is for the reader or in what way it helps solve their problem.

But keep it short and concise.

Most press release distribution services also let you add a subheading to your release.

You must leverage this offer.


This is because a subheading complements detail and perspective to your headline.

The content

Keep the content less than 600 words – preferably.

The above length is more than adequate to provide enough detail.

Keep up with the current events. Covid-19 has transformed the globe like never before. Businesses are now communicating to the public steps they are taking to keep their staff and customers safe.

You must also make sure your company is taking notice of current events and communicating effectively to the audience.

Finally, choose a trusted press release distribution service to share your press release to the world.

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